Merry Christmas!

As we start to close out 2016, which has been a great year for the site and Nintendo figures in general, including some excellent new Amiibo releases, World of Nintendo is still going strong, and plenty of quality figures from Good Smile Company (Nendoroid and Figma), I want to take a moment and wish you happy holidays.  If you celebrate Christmas today, then I hope you receive that figure you’ve been looking for from Santa!

Things have been a little quiet on the site the last week or two because of both the holidays and because I am in the process of moving.  It has been hard to keep up with my usual schedule of updating every 3-4 days.  I apologize for the slower coverage.  I hope to finish up moving, settle in, and get back to writing on a more regular basis very soon.  I already have some exciting articles planned and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.  It should be a great time to be a Nintendo fan both for video games and figures.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the well deserved time off with your friends and family!



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