Custom Amiibo Art Spotlight 1/5/2017

It is time once again to spotlight some of the awesome artwork done by Nintendo fans!  For this edition, I thought it would be nice to focus on people making Amiibos and focusing more on their paint jobs and less on redoing the entire sculpt like some of the previous artists I have spotlighted often do.  In addition, I thought it would be nice to highlight a bunch of different artists this time so you get to see different styles and ideas.  So without further ado, let’s see what amazing custom Amiibo are out there!

Image courtesy of:

A lot of Nintendo fans have been clamoring for more Metroid figures and one of the coolest customs I have seen lately is this take on Samus.  Yes, it has a new head and she’s holding her helmet (which isn’t something Samus commonly does) but look at that effect near her feet!  It just looks Metroid and totally awesome all at once.  Jin Saotome does some awesome custom figures and this is an Amiibo that many Nintendo fans would buy if they could!

mr. l. luigi custom amiibo
Image courtesy of Masterworksall

If you’re a fan of the Paper Mario series then you’re surely familiar with Mr. L.  Luigi’s amusing alter-ego was a fun villain and has a really cool design.  While the pose from the original Luigi Amiibo is retained, I think it oddly works and a fresh coat of paint does wonders for this otherwise average Amiibo.  Masterworksall is a German Etsy seller who no longer makes this particular custom Amiibo and I unfortunately do not know how easy it would be to get outside of Germany or Europe but I thought it was too cool not to share.

legend of zelda toon link minnish cap custom amiibo
Image courtesy of:

If you’re a relatively old school Zelda fan than you may have played The Legend of Zelda: The Minnish Cap before.  It is one of my favorite handheld Zelda games with a clever concept and is incredibly cute to boot.  Link’s talking cap is ridiculous, adorable, and entertaining all at once.  For me, being able to buy a figure to remember that game would be amazing and something I would be unable to pass up.  This figure by PixelCollie is incredible with smooth sculpting and excellent attention detail.  It is no longer for sale in their Etsy shop that they do have plenty of Nintendo artwork that is well worth checking out.

mario and yoshi custom amiibo super mario world
To see more of @CPTNALEX’s work, check out:

The last custom Amiibo comes from one of many people’s favorite games of all time, Super Mario World.  Nintendo surprisingly has not united Yoshi and Mario on a single Amiibo yet.  Instagram user @CPTNALEX has shown just how cool this looks.  While Mario’s expression isn’t as cheerful as it is in the Super Mario World art, the combination of these two characters really does look great, especially when you throw in a cape.  This is another figure that Nintendo should really consider making because it would sell extremely well with Nintendo fans and would be another way of embracing the legacy of one of their most iconic games.

So there you have it.  The Amiibo community is producing some incredible custom figures and if you like anything you see or just want to acquire new Nintendo figures, I encourage you to check the work of custom Amiibo artists out there.  They work hard to bring us awesome figures and they need our financial support to keep doing what they do.  Thank you for reading and if you have any favorite custom Amiibo or Amiibo artists, please let us know more in the comments below!




    • I was really impressed by that Amiibo too. It is easy to what Amiibo were used and how they did it but the quality of the custom Amiibo is still really high. You’re very welcome and I look forward to highlighting more custom Amiibo in the future!


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