Tomy Yoshi Wind-Up Capsule Toy Review

While I don’t go often, Game Stop is an interesting place to wander around looking for figures.  Amidst all of the Funko Pops and Five Nights at Freddy’s toys, they usually have at least some Nintendo blind box stuff.  Nintendo Micro was easy to find there and they surprisingly had something from Tomy on my latest trip!  Tomy specializes in making Gashapon as they are known in Japan which are basically capsules you get out of a vending machine.  I saw Yoshi on the box and figured it was Yoshi themed but beyond that, I had no idea what I was buying but I figured if nothing else, it would make for an interesting review on the site.

tomy yoshi gashapon

Price – One of the reasons I feel this purchase was a gamble on my part is that there was no price to be found at my local Game Stop!  I was assuming it was $3-4 and when I went to pay for it, I was surprised to see it was $6.  That is not cheap for something this small (somewhere about 2-3 inches) though it isn’t outrageous either.  I’m guessing that we’re paying a “Japan tax” on these and that is why they’re so expensive.  One of the big questions I hope to answer in this review is whether it is worth the money or not so let’s get it opened and find out.

tomy yoshi gashapon opened

Unboxing and Impressions – After cutting open the plastic wrap and pulling up the latch (which makes it easy to store the toy when finished which is always nice), I pulled out a sell sheet which shows what you can randomly get.  Surprisingly, all this release has are different colored Yoshis.  I’m not sure how good of a repeat buy this is unless you really want certain colors of Yoshi but if you’re a Yoshi collector, you might really enjoy hunting each of these down.

tomy yoshi gashapon sell sheet

After pulling off the little bag that Yoshi comes in, I was surprised to see some pretty clear mold lines all around the figure.  This is clearly not the high quality figure you would expect from Nintendo or Jakks Pacific.  The paint job is also too glossy and detracts from the quality of the figure as well.  In one of a couple connections I noticed, the back of Yoshi has a lot of legal/copyright information that Jakks Pacific also puts on the back of their 2.5″ Inch figures.  Another similarity is that the Tomy Yoshi is right around the same size as a 2.5″ Inch World of Nintendo figure as well so you do get a decent amount of plastic for your money anyway.  What surprised me even more is that there was a wind-up on the side of Yoshi!  What could that do I wondered? Well it turns out, Yoshi will walk if you wind him up and it is in a kind of pensive and adorable way you would expect!  I wish I could show you what it looks like in a video but because I have no video-editing or even video taking skills, I sadly cannot.  I suspect it will be easy to find a video on this on Youtube in the near future for those who are interested in seeing how it works.  I do think this is the make or break feature of the toy.  If you like the Yoshi walk, then you’ll be glad you own this toy.

tomy yoshi gashapon front

tomy yoshi gashapon back

tomy yoshi gashapon size comparison

Closing Thoughts – I don’t know if this is worth $6 or not to the average Nintendo collector.  It depends strongly on whether you love Yoshi and if you want a cute little toy that captures Yoshi’s walk/waddle.  I like this Yoshi for what it is and to be honest, I could have ended up with a much worse figure than this one so I am a little bit thankful too.  I do wish the quality of the figure was just a bit higher and I do not plan to buy more of these but I do think this is a fun toy to have and show off.  It could certainly be sought after down the road once they sell out or become rarer in a year or so from now.  The Tomy Yoshi reminds me of a lot of video game merchandise I see coming out of Japan.  It is a cool idea, something unique, and all too often is something that never ends up seeing release here in the US.  For that reason, I’m glad GameStop is selling these and I hope they’ll continue to do so for other Japanese-made Nintendo figures in the future.



  1. That’s really cute! I think I’ve seen those at GameStop before, though I didn’t know that they were wind-up! The asking price is a bit much, but it’s cool that they at least do something. I kind of want to see more wind-up Nintendo toys now, actually.


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