Mario Sports Superstars Amiibo Cards Announced!

Sometimes there is a news story that comes along that surprises us.  In case you missed it, Nintendo is releasing a new set of Amiibo cards, this time tying into Mario Sports Superstars which is coming out on March 24th.  The packs will have five random cards and will cost $5 a piece.  This is not overly expensive to buy a pack of cards but it is not budget priced either.  From what Nintendo fans have pieced together, the cards apparently unlock “Superstar” versions of the playable characters in the game.  That seems in line with the functionality of Amiibo in prior Nintendo games and is not quite as exciting as many fans might like.  Regardless of that, here is a look at the cards:

mario sports superstars amiibo packaging

mario sports superstars amiibo cards

I did not cover (nor even review) the Animal Crossing cards because I’m not a huge fan of that franchise but I do know the cards sold pretty well and were hard to get at least upon release.  Nintendo must have liked the sales numbers to expand the Amiibo cards further.  One of the other things I collect besides figures are non-sports cards (mostly Star Wars) so I would love to own Nintendo themed cards and will definitely pick a couple packs of these up and review them on the site.  I’m curious to see how big of a set this is and how good or bad the functionality will end up being.  Nintendo has surely heard fans complain that Amiibo are not doing enough in games but this seems unlikely to fix that problem.  If nothing else, it is nice to see that Nintendo is branching out and trying new things and who knows where they might go with Amiibo cards next!  What do you think of these new cards?  Are they something that interest you?  Let us know in the comments below!

Update: According to a recent article from our good friends at Miketendo 64, there will be 18 characters and 90 cards!  That means a lot of characters will have multiple cards.  It will be interesting to see how many Nintendo fans try to collect this entire set.



    • Collecting those Animal Crossing cards took some serious money and dedication so I have to agree. I’m tempted by these new cards but I’ll be waiting to find out more about them before I decide to collect them all. I guess there are some limits to our addiction!

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  1. Glad to see that the big amiibo purchasers here aren’t into the cards either. I’m not the only one who must have the new amiibo but ignore the cards! These Mario Superstar cards look okay, but not spectacular.

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    • Making the cards Animal Crossing probably scared a lot of Amiibo collectors away but I agree that the design of these cards is not great. Most of the cards I buy are because they have a great design or I love the characters and Nintendo needs to improve their designs if they want people to collect them all. I also question what the purpose or use of collecting every character’s card will be if there are say five versions of Yoshi. Does getting the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Yoshi card actually get you anything? These things matter to collectors and could determine the success or lack thereof of this set.

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      • Yea, funny enough, I don’t like amiibo cards but I enjoy trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s probably because they have functions, gameplay value, and are unique. I see little purpose in these amiibo cards that have such limited functionality. If they made a real game with the cards, I might be interested… Kind of like the Mario Party eReader card game. It was surprisingly fun and let you play a real board game with GBA connectivity!

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      • While we may like different kinds of cards (though I used to enjoy playing Pokemon cards when it first came out, I still have all my cards from back then for some reason!), I think our interest makes us harder on Amiibo cards which is fair. Nintendo has always had fans who like card games and their video games and that is a tougher crowd to win over I would think. I didn’t play the Mario Party game but I remember the eReader cards and have some around my house somewhere and the eReader. Nintendo has a tendency to introduce a cool new idea and then stop supporting it. With Amiibo, they need to reverse that course and up their support and creative uses for it before it becomes less popular or fizzles out. If it is this easy for us to come up with cool ideas then they have be having some too! 🙂

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