’s Most Wanted – Fire Emblem and Advance Wars Miniatures

When I heard that one of my favorite sites, was having a Fire Emblem week, I started to think about how could celebrate and for whatever reason a new and awesome toy idea popped into my head that I want to share with all of you.  The strategy games made by Intelligent Systems have been quite popular for a number of years now and while Fire Emblem and Advance Wars are in some ways very different games, there is a figure idea that could be well-suited for both series.  Mini-figures or miniatures could capture the top-down/overhead view of the games and possibly be a way to simulate some of your favorite battles from the games.  There are a number of miniature based board games and wargames out there that are very popular and both of these series would be perfectly suited both for gamers and Nintendo collectors.

fire emblem awakening

Let’s start with Fire Emblem.  The overhead maps of Fire Emblem function a lot like wargames do.  The focus is on movement, terrain, and strategy in both kinds of games.  Fire Emblem has a really diverse cast of characters with their own strengths and weaknesses which could easily be captured in a miniature/wargame.  More importantly, smaller Fire Emblem characters that you could display on a desk or if you have the ability, to put on some terrain would look incredible and be awesome for Fire Emblem fans.  I think something like this would be a risk for Nintendo but a lot of wargames like Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and popular board games like Mansions of Madness and Zombicide which use miniatures prove that people are into these kinds of games and that miniatures have a strong appeal.  It might also expand Fire Emblem and Nintendo’s fan base to other kinds of gamers which is always a good thing too.

fire emblem awakening screenshot
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Imagine instead of Orks, these were Fire Emblem characters… Image courtesy of:

As cool as Fire Emblem would be, I think this idea of mini-figures/miniatures whether for a board game, wargame, or just for display is absolutely perfect for Advance Wars.  The units in Advance Wars always kind of looked like toy soldiers and tanks and small figures would capture that really well.  I would even go so far as to say that the protagonists like Max, Andy, and Sami wouldn’t really work well as action figures since they rarely do much in the games other than command their troops.  As amazing as this idea would be, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems both have seemingly moved on from Advance Wars and it doesn’t look like we’re likely to see any more of these games in the near future.  I really prefer Advance Wars similarities to RTS games (expendable units and resource management) compared to the permadeath of Fire Emblem so this makes this especially hard for me to admit.

advance wars wallpaper
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Regardless of the practicality, this is an idea that gets you excited to think about and could be tons of fun.  If Nintendo felt uncomfortable moving into the gaming space, maybe they could make mini-Amiibos that scan into the games which let you pick or set your roster for Fire Emblem or Advance Wars so you get a little of the board game/wargame feel while still playing a video game.  This would obviously encourage people to collect them all too.

advance wars screenshot
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Practicality aside, this idea could potentially make a lot of Nintendo fans happy and I think would sell well whether they are miniatures with no actual game in mind or if Nintendo enters into the boardgame and wargame space with their franchises.



  1. Awesome idea! I always see those types of games at gamestores, and they look interesting from a modeling hobby perspective. Even if they just converted the rules of FE or Advance Wars to board game form, that’d sound fun! They could even make a board game using the amiibo somehow.

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    • I have restarted painting miniatures as a hobby recently and find it is an excellent way to relax after work (sometimes even more so than video games depending on the game I’m playing) and I think there would be a lot of people who would play a Nintendo themed board game because theme is such a big part of those games. I think Amiibo tying into a board game would work really well though most of Nintendo’s attempts to do so in video game form have not proved to be successful thus far. We can only hope they consider something like this!

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      • That’s awesome! An amiibo board game would be great too. I mentioned this in another comment, but the Mario Party eReader game was pretty fun. So the idea is doable for sure! And the Fire Emblem card game in Japan could have translated well into some amiibo game. Ah well.

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      • A Fire Emblem card game? That does sound really cool! I went to a local card shop a while back and saw some kind of anime card game with really nice looking cards. Nintendo could certainly come up with some kind of cool game like that. I know I would be all over it if they did!

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      • You might have seen Weib Schwarz. It’s a game that takes different anime and puts them in one card game with unified rules. I have some decks based on anime I like. It’s pretty fun! I haven’t played Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher), which is the Japan-only card game. I saw it while I was in Japan though I didn’t get it. I would love a Nintendo card game in the veins of the Fire Emblem one or even the Weib Schwarz game. Imagine different decks based on various franchises! I would love it, haha.

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      • That is the game! It seems like a very interesting and cool idea. Can you think of any other card games where so many properties can compete against each other? Nintendo can just about match that if they wanted to join this space. Now I want to play a game like this haha!

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  2. I know I would instantly buy all of these if it happened 🙂 There needs to be more Fire Emblem swag. The character designs are beautiful and would make awesome display figures.

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    • I would have to agree. Many figure makers are from Japan and specialize in anime/manga character designs so more Fire Emblem figures just makes sense. If the games keep selling well, I think it is very likely we’ll see more figures coming in the future!

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  3. I’d definitely get behind this! One of my friends was going run a Fire Emblem tabletop RPG but life got busy for her. It would be fun to revisit as a tabletop wargame – considering the success of Amiibo and Fire Emblem Heroes there’s definitely a market.

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    • I’m glad to hear that others think it would be a good idea 🙂 I think it is a surefire hit for Nintendo and would bring some tabletop people into the video game series as well. Here’s to hoping that they decide to do this one day!


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