Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Nendoroid Announced!

It is always a good idea to keep your eyes on Good Smile’s website because they are often teasing new figures on there.  This time around it is none other than a Breath of the Wild themed Link.  What is interesting about Link this time is he comes in two versions like most of the Figma Zelda figures have.  You can get him with Epona and a slew of accessories or a more simplified version without Epona and an undoubtedly lower cost.  I’ve taken a few of the most enticing pictures from their blog to share below and will provide a link for you to see more if you’re interested.  This figure looks exceptional and while previous Links have not been the best action figures, this one looks too cool, especially since other Links can ride Epona too if you want.  The crossover appeal of Nendoroids is one of the things I love about them.  The more you have, the more they build off of each other.

zelda breath of the wild nendoroid

zelda breath of the wild nendoroid 2

zelda breath of the wild Nendoroid 3

Here is the link to see more pictures from Good Smile’s Blog including a look at all of the accessories that come with the figure.  If you like the look of this Link, get ready because preorders will be up tomorrow which means a few hours from now in Japan so be sure to check sites like amiami.com and otakumode.com to preorder!  With previous Nendoroids, they are usually available for pre-order for a while so you should have to get your preorder in if you want too.  What do you think of this new Zelda Nendoroid?  Will you be picking it up?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • That makes sense and that will certainly be a better action figure as far as articulation goes. I think it is a pretty safe bet that we will get a Figma version of Breath of the Wild Link and probably sooner than later. I pre-ordered the Twilight Princess Link and am excited to check it out when it finally releases. I think I will almost definitely get the DX version of this Nendoroid because of Epona. I have to have that for an Ocarina of Time Link that I am hoping they eventually make!

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    • I can totally understand that! I collect Nendoroids and like the Zelda ones pretty well so I think there is a good chance I will get this one. They aren’t cheap but since they’re so cute, I have trouble saying no! 🙂

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