Yarn Poochy Amiibo Review

There have been some great Amiibo releases lately but for a lot of people, there was one particularly cute figure we have been waiting for.  I was really excited to pick up Yarn Poochy and as soon as I finished work on Friday, I went to Best Buy and bought mine.  Yarn Poochy is being sold alone for $17 or with Yoshi’s Woolly World on 3DS for $50.  I’m glad Nintendo released this on day one just as an Amiibo-only option instead of forcing diehard fans to buy the game twice.  Yoshi’s Woolly World is a fantastic game but it may have been months months ago since you last played it so you might be wondering, do you want an Amiibo from a game you already beat?  Well if you like the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo at all, then the answer will probably be yes!

yarn poochy amiibo box

Box – I have praised the Yoshi’s Woolly World packaging once before in my Yarn Yoshi Review and I still think it looks great.  Poochy looks like he came straight out of the game.  The angle that Poochy rests in the box is a bit odd and not display friendly but that is mostly a problem when you’re taking pictures like I do for the site or are collecting Amiibo in-box.

yarn poochy amiibo stand

Stand – One thing that I had either forgotten about or didn’t come with Yarn Yoshi is a cardboard base for Poochy.  With the art from Woolly World on the top, I don’t see any reason someone couldn’t turn this into a display stand if you wanted to.  I don’t plan on doing so with my Poochy Amiibo for reasons you’re about to see later in the review but it is a nice little detail that some Nintendo fans might appreciate.

yarn poochy amiibo side

Yarn Texture – If you haven’t touched a Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, Yarn Poochy comes with the same soft, knitted yarn feeling.  Poochy is a little more squishy than Yoshi and feels like a stuffed animal.  Nintendo nailed Poochy’s look in the game and my favorite details are surprisingly the tongue (which is more like felt or a soft fabric and definitely not yarn) and Poochy’s tag which you can see above.  It is very cute and quite a bit different than Yoshi’s tag.  If you’d like to hook Poochy onto something like a backpack, that is doable just like with Yoshi as well.

yarn poochy amiibo rode by yarn yoshi

Display Options – The big question I had with this Amiibo is how good would it look with Yoshi and I’m really happy to say the answer is: fantastic!  Yoshi can ride Poochy like in the game and while it is kind of hard to get Yoshi on top of him, they look good together.  With a little creativity, you can also devise some very cute displays like in the image below.

yarn poochy amiibo licking yarn yoshi

Closing Thoughts – Poochy is adorable and my favorite character from Woolly World.  He really deserves to have an Amiibo and the Yarn figures remain one of Nintendo’s cutest, cleverest, and most unique Amiibo to date.  If you like the Yoshi’s World games at all, then you will probably find this Amiibo irresistible.  Nintendo made us wait a long time for this Amiibo but it is worth the wait and a highlight in my Amiibo collection.  For those of you who purchased this figure, what do you think of the new Poochy Amiibo?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. The pictures are so cute! I love Yarn Poochy so much! The amiibo is everything I wanted it to be. I’d buy a Mega Yarn Poochy if they ever made one. Then this small one could be its Poochy Pup. Seriously though, I love the yarn amiibo because they’re essentially mini-plushies, and I collect those. I would have picked this up even if I wasn’t the ridiculous amiibo collector I am now. You covered well with your review and your accompanying adorable pictures why this amiibo is amazing. Awesome job!

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    • Thank you for the kind words, especially about the pictures! I always try to take as good of ones as possible (and put a lot of thought into them as I’m sure you can imagine) so it means a lot to know they look good. I have not dabbled in plushies at all even though I’ve seen some really cute ones but I can understand why a lot of Nintendo fans do. They seem very collectible and valuable much like figures (and unlike Amiibo now!). Nintendo could definitely hook me if more Amiibo become “stuffed” in the future.

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      • I love the poses you put all your figures in, and the cute Poochy poses are just unbelievably adorable! I have quite a few Mario and Pokemon plushies, though most of my others are anime-related.

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      • Thank you! And that is awesome that you have a collection of them! My impression is that plushies are popular in Japan and have kind of made their way over here for Japanese properties, including anime. I suspect that is why Nintendo plushies from Japan are sought after as well.

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  2. So adorable! I love how you posed him with Yoshi 🙂 I of course have it since I need them ALL. I haven’t opened it yet though. I fear my two cats may pounce on him, lol


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