Nobel Super Mario Cola Gummies Review

What is this a food blog now?!  With Nintendo figures releases slowing down I thought why not take a look at something a little different for this next review?  In Ohio, there is a really big international grocery store I love to visit when I can and I happened to walk past one of my favorite sections (Japanese candy), and I saw Mario gummies.  The gummies were $2 so I figured why not check them out and share my experience eating them!

nobel mario gummies

Packaging – The huge cast of Mario characters on the wrapper looks great (if maybe a bit busy) and is possibly false advertising.  These are Mario gummies but as you will see, there is nowhere near the kind of variety in the gummies as the artwork makes it look like.

nobel mario gummies open

Contents – So what is inside?  About 15-20 gummies in two flavors: cola and ramune.  There are in a few different shapes though mostly stars, coins, and Mario’s in the package I bought.   The gummies are instantly recognizable and definitely capture Mario well.  As you may know, there are cheaper gummies (like Haribo) you can buy but I think this is a nice amount for $2-3, especially considering this candy is imported from Japan.

nobel mario gummies mario

Taste – But how do these gummies taste?  Well, surprisingly they are very good!  I love Coke and am not a huge Pepsi fan and I love the smooth cola flavor the brown gummies have.  Ramune is harder to describe the flavor of.  It is a Japanese candy staple and I would say it is kind of like a berry flavor but with a little unique twist.  These gummies also taste really good.  Most people will probably love both flavors and these are quality candy.  The gummies aren’t too firm or too soft which I liked as well.

Closing Thoughts – These gummies are a nice treat for Mario fans!  You get a small amount for a low price and the flavor is great.  I look forward to eating the rest of the gummies this week and I definitely recommend this to any Mario or Nintendo fan.  Japanese candy is a little higher quality than what we have in the U.S. so if you have never had some, I can’t think of a better way to start!




  1. I didn’t even expect that it was from our gummy conversation! I love this article! You did a great job in making me crave this. I actually do eat gummy cola, so I can attest to that tasting great. Now, I also enjoy ramune, but I’ve never had it in gummy form. I think I need to now though. I’ll have to see if it’s in the local Japanese marketplace!

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    • I would have been surprised if you could have anticipated this article! I saw it at the grocery store, thought of our conversation and had to pick these up. I nearly got some Splatoon candy too but talked myself out of it because I wasn’t sure if people would want to read much about candy or not. I’m glad you enjoyed it! The big reason I did write this review is because I want Nintendo fans to give awesome candy like this a shot and maybe broaden their horizons a bit. It is tasty and has some unique flavors. I think you should definitely give ramune candy a shot whenever you see it around! Even if it is not Mario, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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      • I would love to try out ramune candy! Actually, I had another Nobel Mario hard candy package that was just lying around the place and proceeded to eat it today! There was nothing Mario about it aside from the packaging, but it was delicious and melon-flavored. The joys of living so close to a Japanese marketplace! Clearly, this was an inspirational article for me! 🙂

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      • Haha! I’m glad to hear it! From what I saw Nobel makes quite a bit of candy and they make a similar Splatoon gummy with the same flavors. Honestly, I would be happy to try any of their candy in the future. I just finished my Super Mario gummies and now I want some more!

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