Link Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

After a long week of work, I looked forward to picking up some of the new Zelda Amiibo to review here on the site.  I work close to a Best Buy and a Target so I figured Best Buy would have all of the Amiibo I needed. To my surprise, they were almost completely wiped out of Zelda Amiibo.  A single Guardian and a single Bokoblin was all that was left!  Since I figured many of you would be interested in a Guardian review, I purchased it and worried that maybe the Zelda Amiibo would not be so easy to get on release day.  Fortunately, Target had nearly all of the Amiibo and they were well-stocked too.  I now assume that the Zelda Amiibo should be easy to get since they are supporting a huge game release but your experiences may vary depending on where you shop.  Hoefully, this brief anecdote helps those of you planning on hunting these Amiibo down and with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Amiibo!

link breath of the wild amiibo box

Box – Nintendo has been making Amiibo hard to open for collectors who love beautiful packaging for quite some time and these new Breath of the Wild figures are no different.  The art style from Breath of the Wild is fantastic and the navy blue really stands out nicely from other Amiibo releases too.  Archer Link is an Amiibo that looks great unopened and I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to keep it that way.

link breath of the wild amiibo base

Base – If you were curious, Nintendo did not redesign the base for Link and it is the same base we saw with Wolf Link and the 30th Anniversary series Amiibo.  It is a shame that something more Breath of the Wild appropriate wasn’t designed, though this style of base still looks good.

link breath of the wild amiibo front

Pose – Obviously, Link is armed with a bow in this Amiibo and that limits how he could be posed.  At the same time though, with the smoke and his bent legs, Nintendo has made him as dynamic as they could.  Link is also an Amiibo that looks good from any angle which is really nice to have and somewhat rare with Amiibo.  I really like how Link looks and he definitely stands out from the many Amiibo that have already been released.

link breath of the wild amiibo side 2

Details – What really drew me in and made me buy this Amiibo were the details.  One of the reasons Amiibo have such great details are the decals Nintendo uses for patterning.  Link is absolutely full of them, so much so that I couldn’t take pictures of them individually or this review would end up having double or triple the amount of pictures.  It is hard to pick a favorite detail but for me, the shield is certainly up there.  The intricate snake pattern looks amazing and honestly is the kind of detail you would expect to see in a more expensive figure like Nendoroid or Figma.  I could talk about the details for quite a long time because this figure has so many and they are exceptionally well done.  The Zelda Amiibo have been hyped and much-anticipated for a long time and Nintendo certainly delivered.

link breath of the wild amiibo side

Closing Thoughts – It is hard not to want to compare this Link to other Zelda Amiibo that have come out and I’m planning on doing so in-depth in a future article.  Setting that aside, the new Link is certainly one of the most impressive Amiibo I have had the pleasure of reviewing and I highly recommend any Zelda fan pick it up.  There is a lot to look at and enjoy with this Amiibo and it seems like it has pretty good functionality as well.  My only minor complaint is that the base is “recycled” from Zelda Amiibo we’ve already seen but that is nitpicky and shows just how well done this Amiibo is.  Do you have the new Link Amiibo?  What do you think of Archer Link?  Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!



  1. I’ve been looking forward to this! Thanks for delivering, as always! The figure is indeed as detailed as you say. I like this one better than the Link rider amiibo because you can actually see his face here, though I suppose that the focal point of that amiibo is the horse. Funny enough, I didn’t notice the bases until you pointed them out. That does sound like a missed opportunity, considering they could have gone with a neat blue Sheikah design like they’ve been using for virtually everything else. Regardless, I like the amiibo and have used it several times in-game already! Looking forward to the other amiibo reviews!

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    • Thank you for the kind words as always! I think you’re spot on about the differences between this version of Link and the Rider Link. I didn’t love what I saw of Rider Link but I look forward to buying and reviewing it in the near future. I like your idea a lot for the base and anything unique would be nice and make these Amiibo stand out. How do you feel about the Amiibo functionality so far? Is it fun or nice to use? Does it make the game too easy? I’m curious to see how people react to it since it seems a little better than some of the previous Amiibo.

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      • I’ll probably go over some functionality in a brief Switch/BotW post this week, but overall, the amiibo functionality may not seem like much, but it does make the game easier like you said. The Zelda amiibo provide specific bonuses with some of the older Smash/anniversary amiibo providing exclusive surprises. Usually, you’d have to forage or hunt to make food and survive. Amiibo make it easy by providing that in mass quantities. And you can scan them daily. You can scan any other amiibo daily, so for someone like me with nearly every amiibo, I could scan and probably have 99 of some items by now. I don’t, but that possibility is there.

        In short, the new amiibo provide small unnecessary bonuses that make life easier. The old Zelda amiibo are actually more important for “exclusive” content. I put that in quotes because I’m assuming they’re limited to the amiibo. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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      • That makes sense and I will definitely look forward to your post! I was concerned the Amiibo may have that effect in Breath of the Wild but some people, they may love that Amiibo make the game easier or cut your play time down a bit. All of this makes me really want to play the game now and experience it all for myself but I just got a PS3 to catch up on games I missed on that system so I will probably have to wait a while. As some people would say, the struggle is real haha!

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  2. Great review of an awesome Amiibo! I love the details on this one. They even have his tablet attached to the belt. Your intro triggered horrific memories of the dark Amiibo shortage days though, haha.

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    • That is exactly how I felt when I saw that Best Buy had almost no Amiibo. I started panicking and was ready to shove anyone who got between me and the new Amiibo out of my way haha! In all seriousness, if Nintendo keeps releasing Amiibo that are as good as Link then we are likely to be addicted for a long time! 🙂

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