Technical Difficulties

I have to apologize for being so quiet this week!  This is the only week that I can remember where I was not able to update the site since I started it over a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately, last week I turned on my computer which I have happily owned for quite a few years and got a warning message that a hard drive failure was imminent.  I’d never had any problems like that before because I buy fairly high quality desktop computers and do my best to take care of them.  So I was pretty concerned that I was going to lose all of my files including all of the pictures and website content I store.  The hard drive warning came at a bad time financially for me and I had to wait almost an entire week to be able to afford to buy a new computer.  Fortunately, all of my files are safe and sound and I’m finally back with a brand new computer.

I’m going to get caught up on all of the articles I’ve missed from everyone involved in this WordPress community and then I will get down to business and resume updating the site.  I have a number of exciting reviews lined up and I can’t wait to share them with you!  Thank you for your patience and expect normal figure articles to resume from here on out!



  1. Technology can be such a pain sometimes. Glad you’re files are safe and I can’t wait to read more of your reviews! (Not that I need more excuses to buy things… 🙂 )

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