Chain Chomp 2.5″ Figure World of Nintendo Review

I don’t often pick up 2.5″ figures because there are so many released and I think the 4″ figures are more interesting to own and review but occasionally something unique comes out in this size or just catches my eye.  That was the case with this Chain Chomp that I spotted in Target recently.  The price was great at $3.50 and I had a hunch that I could use this in a fun way with some of my existing figures.

Chain Chomp World of Nintendo Box

Box – This might be the first 2.5″ figure I’ve purchased that comes in the open box packaging.  These first were used at Walmart but because I don’t shop there, I’ve never actually seen them in person.  I think Jakks came up with this idea to let a child touch the toy and which in turn makes them that much more likely to beg their parents to buy it.  Not a bad idea.  For collectors, the packaging is bland and while it is easy to open, I’m not sure I would display this figure in the box because nothing about it really draws your eye.

Design – This is a simple figure and character design but it is classic and timeless in my opinion.  Chain Chomp generally stays on his/her post and jumps around randomly.  It is a dangerous enemy in any Mario game that Chain Chomp appears (except maybe Mario 64) but hard to capture in figure form.  Without using a stand, you can’t make Chain Chomp float in the air and this figure is too budget priced for that.  Chain Chomp does not come with a wooden post in the ground either.  I don’t have a problem with this for reasons I will discuss in a little bit.  However, this figure is very round and feels like a Christmas ornament in your hand.  It does not sit flat and tends to roll around.  That makes it harder to display and use than I would like.  Other than that, I can’t fault the design of this figure at all for the budget price.

Chain Chomp World of Nintendo Back

Details – As I mentioned above, Chain Chomp has a simple design so if you get the eyes and the chain right, then you’ve got a pretty decent looking figure and Jakks did both well.  The only issues I have with the figure is that the seam line you can see in the picture above is pretty obvious and something about the chain’s plastic looks just a little cheap.  Both are minor issues and not a huge problem.

Chain Chomp World of Nintendo with Bowser Jr.


Display – Now we get to the fun part.  What exactly did I have in mind with this figure?  While it is not a cheap one, it makes a great accessory for Bowser Jr. or any other evil character for that matter!  I don’t know that the scale is exactly right but Bowser Jr. can easily hold the Chain Chomp and it is easy to pose and make some fun scenes with.  In that sense, this is a pretty fun figure that can spice up any World of Nintendo Mario display you make.Chain Chomp World of Nintendo with Bowser Jr.


Closing Thoughts – As most World of Nintendo 2.5″ figures are, the Chain Chomp figure is not perfect and is not all that fun to play with on its own.  If you can combine it with some other figures though, it is absolutely worth the money and becomes a fun accessory.  I definitely recommend it if you like Mario and can find this figure at an affordable price!



  1. This is actually pretty cool. I imagine you could set up lots of fun displays with the Chain Chomp. It’s kind of like the ball and chain Link uses in Hyrule Warriors actually, so the size is just about right for Bowser Jr. This would look good as an accessory to an amiibo, methinks. I’ll keep my eye out for this one. As always, nice review Kuribo!

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    • That is a great comparison to make, it is a lot like the Ball and Chain weapon! I think you could use this with Amiibo really easily too. Amiibo and World of Nintendo are at a pretty similar scale so this is one time where the two of them my cross over pretty well.

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      • I hope I’m not spoiling anything, but Link wields a Chain Chomp exactly like that both in that game and Link’s Awakening. So yea, display Chain Chomp with Link, haha! 😉

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      • Haha, no worries about spoilers here! I totally forgot about link wielding a chain chomp so I’m glad you mentioned it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Zelda and Mario crossover like that every so often!

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