New World of Nintendo Figures Spotted!

While I haven’t seen the most recent 4″ inch figure releases here in Ohio yet, according to the World of Nintendo Reddit and Amiiboking718, a new wave of 2.5″ inch figures have hit retail!  It looks like the following figures are released in this new wave:

Doctor Mario, Red Bob-omb, Blue Baby Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Purple Squid (reprint), Link (reprint), Skull Kid (reprint), Boo (reprint)

New World of Nintendo 2.5 Figures
Image courtesy of amiiboking718 and

It has become common for new World of Nintendo figures to just show up in stores and while this wave is heavy on reprints and a repaint, that has also been somewhat common as of late.  Of the new figures, Baby Yoshi and Larry Koopa both will be a hit with Mario fans and I suspect Larry Koopa will be hard to get based on how tough the Koopalings are to get in Micro Land which was also made by Jakks Pacific.  Red Bob-omb is a repaint that I’m not sure Nintendo fans were itching for but we will get it anyway and Dr. Mario looks decent but kind of short and stumpy to me.  Dr. Mario probably would be better suited as a 4″ Inch figure and perhaps we will see that happen in the near future.  It is nice to see Skull Kid again which was very rare upon release and Boo has also been a little rare too so those are great reprints for anyone who missed out.

World of Nintendo has been going strong for 2-3 years now and every release makes me feel thankful that the line is still going strong.  I’ve yet to see a wave that I think will not appeal to Nintendo fans in some way and I think that is certainly the case here.  There a couple of figures that will be hits, some good figures, and maybe a dud or two but definitely enough to keep you excited about this fun figure line!




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