Samus Metroid Prime 3 Figma Up For Pre-Order!

While Good Smile has been teasing this figure for months, we finally get a detailed look and a fairly good idea of what this figure can do!  More importantly, if you’re interested in this figure you can now pre-order from Good Smile or any other major Japanese retailer like or Tokyo Otaku Mode!  It doesn’t look like there are any pre-order bonuses for this figure but going off past experience, the previous Samus figure in this armor sold pretty well and got a limited release so it wasn’t long before the price got high.  That isn’t to say the price isn’t already a little on the high side either.  At full price, this figure is just over $70 and that is before you pay for shipping!  Here is a look at the figure and my opinion on it will follow!

Samus Metroid Prime 3 Figma 1

Samus Metroid Prime 3 Figma 2

Samus Metroid Prime 3 Figma 3

Those are just a few of the cool poses Good Smile is now showing off on their site.  It is obvious this figure has some nice hand pieces and is very poseable as you would expect from Figma.  Those are as cool of Metroid poses as you will see.  I was a little sorry to see that Samus looks light on accessories.  I was hoping for a cool blast effect and the morph ball doesn’t look too exciting even if it is really accurate to the games.  With that said, the price on this figure is pretty steep.  You can tell it is quality (I mean look at how perfect that paint is!) but this may be an item only Metroid fans with deep pockets can afford.  I was debating getting it up until now and as much as I like what I’m seeing from this figure, I don’t know if I can talk myself into spending this much on it.  What do you think?  Will you be picking this Samus up?  Let us know in the comments below and maybe some of you loyal visitors can get me excited/interested enough to spend the money on it after all!



    • Yeah, this one is a tough one to justify for me too. It looks nice but I don’t have many Figmas to go with it and the price tag is just steep enough to deter me too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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    • I haven’t preordered Amiibo in months and now I don’t have the Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo so you’d think I would learn but I haven’t! Truthfully, I just don’t know if I like Metroid or Samus enough for a $70+ figure. That would be the most expensive one I’ve ever bought and she is not even close to my favorite Nintendo character so that is what is giving me pause for now. I don’t think I’ll likely talk myself into getting this figure but you never know 🙂 The idea of having the major Nintendo characters that Figma makes is quite appealing.

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