Best and Worst Zelda Amiibo – 2017 Edition

With the Zelda Amiibo being one of the most popular releases in recent memory, I’ve noticed a surge in interest of which Zelda Amiibo are the best and many people are going back and reading an article I wrote quite a long time ago that ranked the Smash Brothers Zelda Amiibo.  With so many more Zelda Amiibo out now, I thought it would be fun to re-rank the Zelda Amiibo and see which are the best currently.  Have the older Amiibo aged well or are the newer Amiibo the only ones worth collecting?  Read on to find out!

Zelda Amiibo Group Shot

Before I jump into ranking Amiibo, I want to say a couple of things.  First, these are simply my opinions and while I’m happy to share mine, I’d love to hear yours in the comments below.  I base the rankings solely on the quality of the figure (paint, details, and pose), not on rarity or the functionality as well.  Finally, I do not have a few of the Zelda Amiibo for various reasons so the Wind Waker Link and Zelda and the Breath of the Wild Zelda do not appear on this list.  Hopefully I can track them down and update the list later on.

Bokoblin Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Front

12th) Bokoblin – This is by far the easiest Amiibo to place on the list.  The Bokoblin Amiibo is not terribly made but it lacks any exciting elements in the paint or the pose.  When you add to the fact that this is just an ugly and unappealing character, I can’t bring myself to rank one of the strangest Amiibo releases any higher.

Link Amiibo Best View

11th) Super Smash Brothers Link – How the mighty have fallen! It is hard to believe but at the time I last ranked Amiibo, I was willing to put aside the fact that the pee stand was so obnoxious because this was the only depiction of Link outside of Toon Link we had.  There are a lot of issues with this Amiibo’s design including the pose which is hard to view and Nintendo has really improved their Amiibo designs since this early release which is why it has dropped so far on the list.

Link Rider Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Front

10th) Rider Link (Breath of the Wild) – While the preview shots of this Amiibo looked awesome, I was disappointed by the lack of detail that Link has.  Not only does the beautiful iconography on Link’s cloak get reduced in size but the lack of a face really was a bummer for me.  The horse looks excellent with some nice paint details but that isn’t what I wanted from a Zelda Amiibo and that is why I have trouble ranking this figure higher.

8-bit retro link amiibo legend of zelda front

9th) The Legend of Zelda: Link (30th Anniversary) – This might be the hardest Amiibo for me to rank but it is a fairly solid figure and if you love the NES Zelda then this figure is probably a must have.  While I love the NES and its retro aesthetics, the simplicity of the design makes it hard for me to say this Amiibo is better than some of the ones I’ve ranked higher on the list which have better details or poses.

Princess Zelda Super Smash Brothers Amiibo

8th) Princess Zelda (Super Smash Brothers) – I’ve always felt like this Amiibo is a bit underrated despite being very common at release.  The details which includes the sculpting and paint are nice on Zelda and honestly, she looks so much better as an Amiibo that I can’t bring myself to buy the World of Nintendo figure.  The only thing that holds this figure back is a lack of detail in the hair and the somewhat static pose.  While I realize Zelda has a dress on which limits her movement, it would have been awesome to see something more exciting than this.  I still really appreciate this Amiibo and I would encourage Zelda fans not to pass it up.

Sheik Super Smash Brothers Amiibo

7th) Sheik (Super Smash Brothers) – Sheik is another Amiibo that I cannot get myself to buy the World of Nintendo figure of because the Amiibo is just much better.  From the dynamic and ninja-like pose, to the awesome details like on her shirt/tunic and the finger wrappings, Nintendo got this character right and captured why she is so cool in Ocarina of Time.

Guardian Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Captures Waddle Dee

6th) Guardian (Breath of the Wild) – The Guardian might be the most unique Amiibo on this list and it certainly has the highest retail price.  The bendable legs are neat and let you pose the figure how you want which no other Amiibo currently offers.  The details on the figure also are pretty nice and make this boss from Breath of the Wild a nice display piece.  This is one of the many impressive Breath of the Wild Amiibo and definitely one I recommend picking up.

Gannondorf Super Smash Brothers Amiibo

5th) Gannondorf (Super Smash Brothers) – When this Amiibo came out, I was very impressed by it.  The amount of details crammed into Gannondorf is impressive.  While parts like the face have not aged well, I still like it and love the character design that Gannondorf has.  It doesn’t hurt that Gannondorf is one of those characters all Nintendo fans love to hate too!

Toon Link Amiibo Front

4th) Toon Link (Super Smash Brothers) – While this Amiibo has become surprisingly rare, it is not hard to see why it is sought after.  Nintendo perfectly captured the art style of Wind Waker and this Amiibo features some nice details like the shield design.  While Link is simply running, the pose is much better than the other Link in Smash Brothers Amiibo.  Sometimes doing something well, even if it is simple, is all it takes to make a high quality figure.

Link Ocarina of Time Amiibo

3rd) Ocarina of Time Link (30th Anniversary) – Ocarina of Time is definitely a favorite for many Zelda fans and it makes sense that one of Nintendo’s best figures comes from this game.  While the pose is not the most exciting, the details on this figure are excellent from the face which is as good of one as you’ll find for Link to the ocarina “accessory,” this figure delivers what fans of that game really want.


2nd) Wolf Link and Midna (Twilight Princess HD) – This is another Amiibo that I loved when it came out and still think is fantastic.  The sculpting details on Midna’s crown just blow me away and the paint is perfectly applied on Link’s fur and Midna’s hair.  I do think the rocks could easily be improved with a bit more paint but this is an Amiibo that I think most Nintendo fans will agree is on is truly top-notch.  Nintendo knocked it out of the park with Wolf Link and I highly recommend picking this one up if you like Twilight Princess at all.

link breath of the wild amiibo side 2

1st) Archer Link (Breath of the Wild) – To my surprise, this relatively new release at the time of writing has become the definitive Link Amiibo.  It has a great pose, some of the best details you’ll see on an Amiibo, and just is one of the best ones Nintendo has made.  I couldn’t find any real flaws in it when I reviewed it and I still love it.  Of all the Amiibo on this list, I can’t recommend this one highly enough!

So there are my thoughts on the current state of Zelda Amiibo!  Other than some of these figures being quite rare at the moment, it is a great time collect Zelda Amiibo and it will be interesting to see what Nintendo releases in the future.  While it wasn’t always this way, you can now make a pretty strong argument that many of the best Amiibo come from Zelda.  Hopefully this trend continues for many years to come!

Now it is your turn to share your opinions!  What are your least favorite Zelda Amiibo and why?  What are your favorite Zelda Amiibo and why?  Let us know in the comments below!





  1. I enjoyed reading your list! I no doubt agree that Bokoblin is the worst Zelda amiibo. In fact, I almost threatened not to get it, but then my amiibo addiction gave way and here we are. 😛 I love Wolf Link and Midna and would consider it my favorite for the same reasons you did. In addition, I’ve said this before, but I like how amiibo feel, and this one has such great details and texture on the fur. The Zelda amiibo in general look a lot better than some other series. *coughAnimalCrossingcough*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you and I enjoyed ranking Bokoblin so low on our list because I knew how strongly we both agreed on that (though I swear I didn’t do that just because of that)! Wolf Link does feel great in hand and I like that about the chunky Amiibo. They feel sturdy and are heavier than a lot of action figures even. I struggle to think of what other Amiibo series other than Smash is as good as Zelda. Maybe some figures in the Super Mario line but definitely not Kirby or Animal Crossing. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nintendo raise some of the other series’ quality as high as Zelda is getting although Splatoon seems to be improving now too.

      Liked by 1 person

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