Amiibo Custom Artist Spotlight: NBros

For a short span there, Nintendo and PDP kept cranking out new ways to display your Amiibo but more recently, the amiibo display stand releases have dried up.  While the custom artist I am spotlighting is not making anything you can purchase (unfortunately), his work is incredible and fills a void that is growing with Amiibo.  Who doesn’t want an awesome themed display stand for their Amiibo after all?  Without further ado, please allow me to present the work of this amazing French Amiibo artist!

Super Mario Amiibo Display Stand NBros
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Super Mario Custom Amiibo Stand – I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that most of us Amiibo collectors have at least some Mario figures in our collection.  And is there a better way to store/display them than this?  While it appears to be mostly made of cardboard, the stand looks straight out of a Mario video game and the background pieces actually look pretty 3D which is an impressive feat.  The fact that you can store Amiibo on top of the stand as well as on the bottom levels makes this pretty versatile too.  This is one display stand I wish Nintendo or someone else would release!

Yoshi's Woolly World Amiibo Display Stand
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Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Display Stand – One of the surprise hits on Wii U for me was this game.  While I loved Woolly World, I might actually like the Amiibo even more!  They’re relatively soft and extremely cute.  Best of all, the Amiibo capture the amazing art style of the game perfectly.  So what if you “unravel” that art style and put it into an Amiibo display stand?  You end up with something awesome looking like this!  All this stand needs is the addition of Poochy and you’re good to go!

The Legend of Zelda Amiibo Custom Display Stand NBros
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The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Field Amiibo Display Stand – It seems timely to talk more about Zelda Amiibo after I recently ranked my entire collection.  Zelda have some of the best Amiibo Nintendo has made and since Zelda is so popular, this stand makes a lot of sense.  While the background is a simple image, it is nice how modeling trees, rocks, and some grass were used to make this stand.  Even cooler is that the Amiibo fit into holes in the stand so they fit seamlessly into it and make a little scene.  It may be unrealistic to see all of these Zelda characters together in close proximity but that doesn’t make it look any less awesome!

Fire Emblem Amiibo Display Stand NBros
Image courtesy of:

Fire Emblem Amiibo Display Stand – This time I saved the best for last!  This stand is a perfect representation of what Fire Emblem looks like and seeing larger scale Amiibo on it only makes it even cooler!  It is hard not to be impressed by the high quality printing and how closely it all matches the game.  The Amiibo may all look like they’re standing around and doing nothing because of their poses but even that fits what the game looks like in between you and the computer AI taking actions.  I am in awe of this man’s work and any one of these display stands would make most collectors jealous.

While NBros used to sell some of his art on Etsy, unfortunately, he no longer does so.  If you’d like to see all of his work, including a Kirby Display Stand featured elsewhere on the site, please check out his DeviantArt page and tell him thank you for making such inspiring work.  I’m sure he would really appreciate it and he deserves it for all his hard work!




    • Same here! That is a goal I have that one of these days I will hopefully get around to achieving. Amiibo just look better in their natural video game environments!

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