K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Review

There have been a real lack of reviews on the site lately but it hasn’t been through lack of effort on my part!  I just haven’t seen many new figures to review at any of the stores I visit and so when I saw K.K. Slider sitting on the shelves at my local Target, I thought, why not review it?  The Villager figure I reviewed a while back is probably one of the worst I have reviewed so I was really hoping K.K. Slider is at least a decent one to make World of Nintendo and Animal Crossing fans happy.  So without further ado, let’s see how this figure stacks up!

K.K. Slider World of NIntendo 2.5" Inch Box

Articulation – The first pleasant surprise with this figure is that it has pretty decent articulation!  K.K. can rotate his head and left both arms.  For a 2.5″ inch figure, this is average to above average and gives you a bit of pose-ability.  I had fun putting K.K. in a few poses for this review and while you can’t do anything spectacular with him, it is still more than I expected and definitely gives you some display options on your shelf.

K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure

Guitar – It doesn’t hurt that K.K. comes with his own little accessory which is a true rarity with 2.5″ figures.  At first when I saw this figure in the store, I thought he came with his guitar, which would have been awesome but it is actually just the guitar case.  As far as posing options go, it looks nice on his back or you can flip it around and make it look like K.K. is about to open it and play a song.  I also appreciate the K.K. decals on the guitar to make it a little more eye-catching.  What really surprised me is that it is possible to unhook the guitar case and move it around thanks to the plastic chains it has.  I would caution anyone from messing around with it too much because the plastic is both flimsy and kind of frail.  By the time I got done taking the pictures in this review, I felt like I probably wouldn’t mess with the guitar case strap much more because it felt like it could break.  It certainly looks like this was designed to hook and unhook but with plastic this thin, it is hard for it not to break eventually.

K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure

K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure

Paint and Details – As with all Animal Crossing characters, the design here is very simple.  White fur with a few facial features, with that said, what is here looks good and I don’t see any major paint issues or damage which I really appreciate.  Jakks Pacific always puts a factory code on the back of these figures and I was happy to see that they hid it away fairly well.  Not having many paint flaws is also something you don’t see enough in 2.5″ inch figures so I’m always thankful when I find it.

K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure

Closing Thoughts – I expected to not really like this figure all that much based on how bad the Villager World of Nintendo figure was and to my surprise, it is very solid.  With more display options than the average 2.5″ inch figure, I think K.K. Slider is fun to own and will definitely please any Animal Crossing fan.  With a Villager figure (which I cannot recommend) and Tom Nook already released, it seems possible that you could one day build a nice collection of Animal Crossing figures which would be great to see.



  1. Enjoyed reading your review as always Kuribo! I love the miniature guitar on him. It’s so cute! As cool as this figure is, I already have his amiibo and like it. I like how this one poses though. Certainly unexpected!

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    • Haha, I didn’t need two K.K. Slider figures in my life because I’m not really a big Animal Crossing fan but sacrifices have to be made sometimes to keep the content going on the site! If you were a big fan then this would definitely be worth the money. I got mine for $3.50 and it was definitely worth that low price!

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