Ice Kirby Nendoroid Unveiled and Preorders Up!

After reviewing and loving the regular Kirby Nendoroid and calling it my favorite Nendoroid I own, it is safe to assume I’ve been hotly anticipating the Ice version!  Good Smile recently unveiled more pictures of the figure and unsurprisingly it looks cute and comes with tons of accessories just like you would expect.  While I won’t share every single picture revealed, I tried to pick out the most exciting for this article.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid Sliding

Ice Kirby Nendoroid Using Power

First up, we have a look at the Ice Effects Kirby comes with.  Surprisingly, we not only get the standard Ice Attack but also something to show Kirby skating on ice just like he does in the game.  This is the kind of attention to detail I love to see with Nendoroids.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid Spitting Out Star

The next accessory you can use with either Kirby and is a really nice addition to any Kirby figure collection.  Being able to show Kirby “spitting” an enemy or star he has swallowed is awesome and should look great in any display!

Kirby Nendoroid Umbrella Accessory

Another staple of the Kirby series is the Parasol and I’m happy to say that Good Smile Company is offering us this accessory for either Kirby as well.  Not only is Kirby adorable with the umbrella but he is ready to take on any enemy that gets in his way!

Kirby Nendoroid Sleeping Face Plate

The cutest accessory is definitely the sleeping Kirby face plate.  While I wish it came with a little sleeping hat you often see Kirby with when he gets this ability, nobody can deny that sleeping Kirby isn’t the most adorable thing you’ll ever see!  This will be a really fun accessory to have and probably is my favorite of the bunch.

Kirby Nendoroid Fighter Accessory

Last but certainly not least, we have the awesome Fighter ability which is one of my favorite abilities in the Kirby games.  The punching sounds it makes are just so satisfying and with Kirby’s determined expression you can help capture just how fierce it is in the games too.

Kirby Nendoroid Full Accessory Picture

Overall, I love everything that Good Smile is doing with their Kirby Nendoroids with the exception of not including any enemies.  Sadly, that problem is not going to be remedied here either but I can only hope that it will be in the future.  Other than that, they’re doing an amazing job of delivering a series of figures that build on each other and reward you for collecting them all which is awesome. I hope we get even more Kirby abilities and accessories as they continue to release different versions of Kirby.

The Kirby Nendoroid is now up for preorder from your favorite Japanese retailers.  I’ve had great luck with and would definitely recommend them.  I look forward to buying this Nendoroid and I will be reviewing it when I get it!



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