Mushroom Kingdom Castle World of Nintendo Playset Now Available!

While it had been rumored on World of Nintendo Reddit, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this product would really get released.  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Reddit user, Kittykat-4, we know that Toys R Us is now selling the playset officially.  If you’d like to purchase it, use the following link to visit Toys R Us’s website!  This is the largest and the most expensive thing ever created in World of Nintendo (outside of the large scale figures I suppose but those are a bit different than this too).  Jakks Pacific have dabbled in playsets before with Micro Land which I loved but must not have been a financial success because they discontinued the playsets before they hit their stride.

Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of Nintendo

Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of Nintendo Box

While the pictures of this set are not high quality currently, you can see what you get for $40.  A large castle is certainly the highlight and if you have a large 2.5″ inch collection, I think you could make a nice display with this castle as a backdrop.  It doesn’t look like the castle has a lot of playability and is designed to be looked at more than interacted with which is surprising considering this is a toy. Getting Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and a Goomba is probably most advantageous to new collectors who don’t own versions of these characters already, especially since Mario and Luigi are some of the most common 2.5″ figures ever made.  A 2.5″ inch Bowser is the only new character in this set and it doesn’t look like he is to scale and instead, will be around the same height as the other characters which is a shame.  Getting a brick and flagpole will be cool new accessories for all collectors and the question blocks are nice if you don’t already have some as accessories from 4″ figures.  This seems like a pretty decent value for money though it depends heavily on what you already own.

Overall, this is intriguing product.  I need to see it in person before I decide if I want it or not.  $40 is not cheap and there are lots of Amiibo coming out this summer that I know I want.  I collect 4″ inch figures more than 2.5″ figures so that is a factor as well.  Seeing the size in the store may change my mind though if I feel like it is a good value.  It will be really interesting to see how this new playset does and if World of Nintendo could have any other types of products like this future.  I certainly hope so!  How cool would Metroid’s ship be, for example?!  These are just my thoughts though.  What do you think of the new playset?  Will you be picking one up?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. This looks awesome! If you do end up picking one up, I’ll be curious to know more of what it’s really all about. I also find it strange that there doesn’t seem to be much play functionality for a toy. Either way, very cool info. Thanks for sharing!

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    • It is definitely a neat and unique idea! I am keeping my eye out for it in stores and I may just end up getting it. I’ll curious to see how well it sells too. Hopefully it sales are strong so we can get more cool stuff like this! 🙂

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