World of Nintendo Figure Announcements at Comic-Con

As I’m sure you’ve heard, San Diego Comic Con is going on this week and Jakks Pacific generally reserves any new figure announcements for the big conventions.  Well this year is no different and while there isn’t a ton of new stuff from the today’s press conference, there are a few surprises and images to ponder over.  I want to thank both the World of Nintendo Reddit and user TheBlackAdept17 for all of the pictures and info you see in this article.

Mario Kart Power Racers World of Nintendo

Jakks Pacific are no strangers to Mario Kart toys and while this is the third variation on toy racers they’ve done, these certainly look interesting.  The Power Racers look like they will actually race and move on their own which is not something we’ve not seen before from World of Nintendo.  Could we get track to race these on too at some point?  What will the price be?  There is definitely some potential here and chances are good I will buy at least one of these to review on the site when they hit store shelves.

Acorn Plains World of Nintendo 2.5 Inch Diorama

Another intriguing new idea is a diorama set for the 2.5″ inch figure line.  While the Princess Peach’s castle is also moving in this direction, this product almost reminds me of Nendoroids with a nice cardboard background to display Mario and company with.  Based on this somewhat grainy picture, I don’t think there are a ton of different ways to display the figures so that may limit how much fun the diorama set is and all of these figures are basically reprints of old figures so there are a few drawbacks.  The price will probably determine how good of a product this is and whether it is something collectors will buy or not.

World of Nintendo Mario and Zelda Multi-Pack

8-Bit Multi-Pack World of Nintendo 2.5 Inch Figure

Speaking of repackaging old figures, there are some retailer exclusive multi-packs coming as well.  While the packaging looks nice, these figures were pretty widely available and of course, if you have two or three of the figures already, then the appeal of these packs is limited.  If, however, you’re a newer collector or missed out on these, I think it will be a great chance to fill out your collection a bit more with some of your favorite characters.

Walgreens Exclusive World of Nintendo 2.5 Inch Figures

While none of these figures are new to World of Nintendo, there will be an exclusive wave of 2.5″ Inch figures coming to Walgreens in the near future.  All of these figures have been released in the 4″ Inch size or are basically a variation of an existing figure like Trophy Wario.  While I love the idea of a gold Wario since he is infamous for being greedy, none of these others figures get me really excited, especially since I already own Inkling Boy and Gravity Suit Samus.

New 4 Inch World of Nintendo Figure Wave

Last but not least, we do have new 4″ Inch figures coming as well.  While Luigi has been released before and Yellow Yoshi is yet another Yoshi repaint, I am excited for the other three figures in this release.  There are a lot of Zelda Breath of the Wild figures to choose from out there so Jakks will need to make this one fairly high quality to attract fans of the game.  With that said, I’m excited to see these figures hit store shelves this fall.

All in all, this was a fairly straightforward presentation with only a couple of surprises.  It is nice to know that new figures are coming and I assume that retailers are going to have to clear off the peg-warming figures that most have now.  If there is a criticism I have of the new figures it is that I wish there were some new characters and figure ideas instead of a lot of repaints or slight variations on existing characters but that has been a staple of World of Nintendo for quite some time and keeps the series going financially since repainted figures are dramatically cheaper to make.

These are just my thoughts on the new figures and now I want to hear from you.  Which ones are you excited about and which ones will you probably not buy?  Let us know in the comments below!



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