Cloud Amiibo (Player One) Review

Over the last couple of years, sometimes as a video game fan and as a Nintendo fan, you have to step back and say, “Wow, I can’t believe that we live in a world where ________ exists.”  For me, that is especially true for a Cloud Strife Amiibo.  I love Final Fantasy 7, it is my favorite game in the series by far and I have always wanted figures of the characters from that game.  So to see Nintendo make one is incredible and I almost had to pinch myself when I found a Cloud Amiibo at Target last week on release day.  When you consider the rocky relationship Nintendo has had with Square in particular, it really makes seeing this figure kind of surreal.  With that said, I’m going to review this Amiibo on the strengths of the figure and not let my love of FF7 result in Cloud getting a free pass!  Let’s see if this figure that surprised us all is worth buying or not.

Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros Amiibo Box

Box – I have to admit, the green color really surprised me and I don’t feel like it fits the character of Final Fantasy 7 very well.  It doesn’t look bad or anything like that, it just doesn’t seem especially thematic (like so many of the Amiibo boxes have).  It is rare for me to criticize the packaging of Amiibo because it is usually done so well but in this case, I’d have to say it could have been slightly better.

Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros Amiibo Front

Pose – While normally I would criticize a figure for having a static pose, I really like what Nintendo chose for this Amiibo.  Cloud takes his sword out at the beginning of a battle in FF7 (unless my memory fails me) and then twirls it around when you win so seeing him possibly in the act of doing that is really neat.  He looks like he is ready to kick butt which is what Cloud does in Final Fantasy (when he isn’t dealing with memory problems anyway!).

Final Fantasy VII Screenshot Cloud hanging
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Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros Amiibo Side

Paint and Details – One of the tricky things about designing an Amiibo for Cloud is that he used to look like the picture above!  What looked good on the Playstation does not necessarily look great now and in fact, his outfit looks a bit simple and almost silly.  I mean it is a shoulder piece, gauntlets and a purple shirt and pants!  With that said, you can dress up like a clown and if you carry a huge sword like Cloud does, you’ll look awesome and ready for a fight!  Not to mention the fact that Cloud’s spiky hair and face are really well-executed here.  Cloud has that Japanese design that all FF7 characters had and he still looks like the tough protagonist we want in a Final Fantasy game.  Nintendo did a fantastic job capturing this character in Amiibo form and bringing an old design up to more modern standards.

Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros Amiibo Back

Closing Thoughts – While this isn’t the most detailed or elaborate Amiibo, Cloud looks great and will surely appeal to any Final Fantasy 7 fan.  Even if you just like the character in Smash Brothers, I have a feeling this is one you will enjoy.  While this is not an Amiibo I would keep in-box, Cloud definitely will make any shelf look awesome and bring a little FF7 attitude to your figure display!



  1. Bought this handsome fella, mostly due to nostalgia from my childhood playing FF7! I think that overall they did a solid job on this one. I agree that green on the box is strange, even straight black would have been better in my opinion. Also, I feel like the face wasn’t as true to form as the PSX. Either way, happy to have Cloud in my amiibo collection!

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    • I was pretty young when I played Final Fantasy 7 too and that might be why I can see past any of the games faults! That is actually a fair point now that I think about it. The Playstation Cloud had larger anime eyes than this one. The style of this Amiibo matches the designs of other anime/Japanese like the Fire Emblem characters. Thank you for weighing in Geddy and I’m glad to hear you like the Amiibo too 🙂

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  2. I had too much fun posing mine with my jumbo (by comparison) Sephiroth Play Arts figure.

    Also, make a Lightning Amiibo happen, please!! 🙂 Square Enix let Nintendo use Cloud, so this gives me hope, haha.

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    • I’m so jealous you have a Sephiroth figure, especially Play Arts! I’ve always wanted one and just never had the chance or missed out on them when they go on sale. A Lightning Amiibo may seem unlikely but because I know you’d be thrilled, I’m rooting for it to happen 😀

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