Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Review

I have to admit, I had a bit of epiphany as I wrote this review.  I really like Bayonetta’s character design in Bayonetta 2.  She looks classier than in Bayonetta and her haircut not only suits her but is more of a timeless look (I think the original design has not aged as well).  While I’m sure this makes me appreciate the Amiibo a bit more, I don’t think it changes my review because this is one of the cooler Amiibo I’ve purchased and I’m excited to talk about why.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Box Front

Box – Much like the Player Two Amiibo, the box looks great and captures the character well.  I wouldn’t have minded if Nintendo used a blue color like on Bayonetta’s box art but the purple looks nice and matches Player Two’s box as well.  I would certainly consider keeping this Amiibo in the box if I wasn’t reviewing it for the site!

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Box Side

Pose – Let’s jump right into one of the best parts of this figure.  While I couldn’t quite place Bayonetta Player Two’s pose, this one I immediately recognize from Bayonetta 2 and I think is even more dynamic.  Bayonetta looks like she just blasted some angels with her guns and is ready to take on some more!  What is awesome about this figure is that not only does she look like she is in the running in the middle of battle but her windswept shirt looks amazing too.  Because of the pose, you can display this either head-on or on the side which is nice.  Perhaps the only drawback to this pose is that the back foot requires a fairly large stand that obstructs your view of her foot from most angles.  Overall though, this is a very ambitious Amiibo design and one of the coolest poses I have seen on an Amiibo.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Box Front Front

Details – Not to be outdone by the pose, the details are also excellent.  Maybe it is just a superior design from the original Bayonetta but the witch sigils and guns have nice, intricate patterns on them.  What is even better are the runes on her shirt.  Those are as cool of decals as I have seen on Amiibo and are really impressive.  This is definitely a big reason why this Bayonetta Amiibo is the better of the two in my opinion.  While my Amiibo does have a paint defect on her back that is very small, other than that, this is a fantastic figure and among Nintendo’s best.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Close Up

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Back

Comparison – While I was pretty happy and impressed by Bayonetta Player Two when I reviewed it, Player One I think has a better character design and a more striking pose.  Even though I prefer Player One, I think a picture of the two side by side looks amazing and makes me feel thankful that Nintendo made these two figures.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo and Player Two

Closing Thoughts – We really are lucky to have such awesome figures being made by our favorite video game company.  Bayonetta Player One and Player Two are high quality toys and are better than most I have reviewed on this site over the last two years.  It is a shame the Super Smash Bros. series is coming to end but if high quality Amiibo like this is all we get for the foreseeable future, what a way to close it out!



  1. This last line of Smash amiibo has been nothing short of excellent. I’m amazed by all the details, and these characters definitely needed detail for maximum effect. I haven’t yet played Bayonetta despite having the games for Wii U, but I prefer the long haired version, simply because I like how it looks more. They’re both great figures and poses, though. Great job covering all this! 😀

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    • It is always nice to hear differing opinions on the site about figures I review and I think the original Bayonetta is a really strong Amiibo too. I definitely recommend playing Bayonetta. I’ve only played 2 and it isn’t an easy game but it will definitely scratch an action game itch if you ever have one. I can find few faults in it and really recommend the series!

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