Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Review

My cold streak with World of Nintendo figures has finally been broken!  It feels like it has been forever since I have seen any new figures in stores near me and I was excited to see the new 2.5″ series at my local Meijer.  While there were several new figures to choose from, I ultimately decided to get Baby Blue Yoshi because I like the Mario characters, collect almost everything Mario, and I thought it could be a fun “accessory” to 4″ figures.  Is this figure worth $4?  Let’s take a closer look!

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box Front

Box – While the packaging is not noteworthy on the front and a design we’ve seen before, the back does show off the pictures in the wave in case you haven’t seen them before.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box Back

Articulation – You probably would have guessed from looking at this figure in the package that it wasn’t going to have a lot of articulation.  If you were like me, you still might have had your hopes up that there was at least some articulation.  Upon opening Yoshi, it was quickly apparent that there is no articulation at all!  This is somewhat unusual for World of Nintendo 2.5″ figures but not unprecedented either.  While I can certainly see this being disappointing to some, since Baby Blue Yoshi is basically just carried around by Mario in the video games until Yoshi gets bigger, it isn’t a major loss.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Front

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Back

Details – Surprisingly, there are almost no paint issues with this Yoshi.  Other than a small blue spot on his foot, he looks great, especially his eyes.  I really liked that Jakks Pacific put the factory number on his shoe which is where they should always be placed if possible.  Blue Baby Yoshi has a simple design and it is hard to find any faults with this figure’s design.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure with Mario

Display Options – Unfortunately, my high hopes that a Mario figure could carry this Blue Baby Yoshi like in the game were dashed.  Mario’s arms don’t move enough and his hands and arms aren’t strong enough to hold Baby Blue Yoshi up.  Display Baby Blue Yoshi where he is just hanging out are your best and only display options which is a bit of a bummer but he does look great next to 4″ inch figures!

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure with Yoshi

Closing Thoughts – While this is not the strongest 2.5″ figure I own, I still had fun writing this review and trying to come up with some good display options for this new figure.  There is no denying how cute Baby Blue Yoshi is and it is really cool to be able to buy a relatively obscure Mario character that has only appeared in a game or two as well.  Jakks Pacific was smart to release this figure in this size because I don’t think it would work as a 4″ inch figure either.  Instead, Blue Baby Yoshi is a nice little addition to any Mario fan’s figure collection!



    • I actually saw some Dr. Mario’s near me and decided to get this Yoshi instead so hopefully that bodes well for you and your search! He looked pretty cute too so I think you’ll like that figure.


    • Same here! I don’t fully understand why this Yoshi has that funny facial expression but I always found that entertaining as well. Just thinking about this makes me excited for Super Mario Odyssey too!

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