Amiibo Custom Artist Spotlight: AKshop08 Returns!

Every so often I try to highlight awesome custom Amiibo on the site to bring awareness to these amazing artists.  Not only can you often purchase custom Amiibo from the artists directly but I think these articles help keep all of us inspired and wanting to collect new stuff.  Let’s face it.  No matter how awesome the current Amiibo releases are, there is always the possibility that something cooler will come out in the future and there’s always those figures we Nintendo to make and they have not done so yet.  With this in mind, I want to once again showcase, AKshop08’s amazing work.  It seems like whenever there is an Amiibo that you wish Nintendo made and they don’t, she is there delivering a custom that you can order from her Etsy shop!  She deserves a lot of credit for consistently coming up with new ideas and custom Amiibo too.  I have talked about her work for well over a year now and she still is inspiring me to write articles like this.  With that said, let’s take a closer look at her newest custom Amiibo you can buy!

Spring Man Arms Custom AKshop08

First up, we have Spring Man from Arms.  Arms is a creative and unique game by Nintendo that takes a somewhat goofy concept and turns it in to intense and strategic boxing game.  The unique designs of the Arms characters are really neat and it is surprising that Nintendo has not given the game any Amiibo support.  Fortunately, AKshop08 not only has made Spring Man but you have a choice of weapons with this custom Amiibo as well!  With gloves, tribolt, or a boomerang available, you can’t go wrong.

Ditto Custom Amiibo AKshop08

As an old school Pokemon fan who no longer keeps up with the games, I have an appreciation for the original Pokemon and it is nice to see them in figure form even if I don’t actively collect them.  Ditto is a Pokemon that has a simple and cute design that represents the appeal of those old games.  Let’s not discount Ditto’s powerful ability to mimic either.  While this custom Amiibo is not mind-blowing in its detail, if you like Ditto, you have to admit, it is cool to see it come to life in figure form!

Groot Custom Amiibo AKshop08

While I usually try to stick to Nintendo characters in these articles, with the incredible popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Groot, I thought why not throw in this impressive Amiibo in here.  If you’ve seen either Guardians movie, you know just how cute and endearing Groot is and this figure certainly embodies that.  While there are plenty of figure options when it comes to Groot, getting a small sized figure from a talented artist is certainly appealing!  Personally, I appreciate that AKshop08 included some foliage to really show off Groot’s treelike nature.

Toon Link with Chicken AKshop08

Last but not least we have Toon Link in his Outset Island clothing from Wind Waker.  While it is easy to see where this Amiibo came from, any fan of Wind Waker will love this custom figure!  Outset Island Link is much harder to find than the traditional, green tunic Link and the fact that he is carrying a cute chicken just like in the game makes it even better.  This Amiibo perfectly illustrates how AKshop08 makes custom art that Nintendo fans want and can’t currently find on the market.

So that’s it for this custom Amiibo spotlight!  If you like anything you see here or want to see more of her work, be sure to check out AKshop08’s Etsy shop and let her know you appreciate and enjoy her work on Twitter too.  She really is an inspiration and one of my favorite people I follow on Twitter!





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