New World of Nintendo 4″ Figures Revealed

While I’ve covered the news that Mario Maker and Link from Breath of the Wild are coming to World of Nintendo already, Toywiz, has revealed some of the actual packaging and figures you will see on store shelves in the near future.  Special thanks goes to Reddit user PSIPancakes who spotted these figures on Toywiz’s website!  Seeing initial promo shots of figures and comparing them to the final result is always interesting and in this case, I think both of these images warrant some attention.

Mario Super Mario Maker 4" Inch Figure World of Nintendo

Let’s start with the better of the two.  Mario in his Mario Maker gear looks great!  I love pretty much all of the World of Nintendo Mario figures and this one looks like a must-buy for me.  My only criticism is that Mario’s hammer looks to be small for the size of his hands but I’m guessing they did this to make it fit in there easily.  I can live with this and probably won’t use the accessory a lot anyway

Breath of the Wild Link 4" Inch Figure World of Nintendo

Link on the other hand, does not look so great.  His face does not match the game art very well.  His shoulder stick out too much and in a weird way, his body shape kind of looks feminine to me (except for the oddly muscular shoulders of course).  Unless you’re desperate to get a Link action figure and can’t afford some of the other options out there, this looks like it may be one that is good to skip.

Figure quality is always an unknown when it comes to World of Nintendo and these new figures represent how uneven it can even in a single wave of releases.  With a release date listed as October, hopefully we’ll see these very soon because the World of Nintendo drought in my area has been a long one and it would be shame if this line of figures somehow lost momentum and popularity as we’re starting to get into some of the fan favorite and more obscure characters.



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