Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Review

Has there been a more anticipated game than Super Mario Odyssey this year?  I can’t think of many and even for someone like me who does not have a Switch yet, I was still pumped for the release of the game because I knew we were getting new Mario figures alongside.  These Amiibo have a lot of character to them and offer something different than any other Mario figure we’ve seen.  With that said, let’s jump in and take a closer look at the latest Mario Amiibo from Nintendo!

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Front

Box – Nintendo put together an interesting design for these new Amiibo boxes.  Red, gold, and white obviously work well with Mario and look classy for a wedding but if you look closely, there is an atlas-like style to the background that really looks cool and fits the theme of Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Back

Functionality – On the back of the Amiibo, Nintendo describes how this Amiibo can be used in Mario Odyssey.  I’m not a huge fan of when you use an Amiibo to make the game easier but I love when they unlock skins or costumes.  Fortunately, you get both with this Amiibo and who wouldn’t want Mario in his wedding outfit!?!  Since this is a Mario Amiibo it is safe to assume it will work in a lot of other Nintendo games as well so it is a good value if you’re looking for a figure that will work in many different games.

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Front

Pose – One area where there is plenty of room for variation with Mario figures is his pose and this is certainly something we haven’t seen before!  Mario is obviously designed to fit with the new Peach and Bowser but if you had to describe how Mario on his own, it looks like he is either offering you something or asking for a dance.  That is certainly something different and that is not a way I ever thought I would describe Mario!  With that said, the pose is very charming and cute because of who Mario is.  The pose helps this new Amiibo definitely stand out on your shelf and is pretty well designed.

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Back

Paint and Details – With a basic white color scheme, you might think that there are not many interesting details but there are some nice touches scattered throughout this figure.  For example, Mario’s hat is textured to make it look soft.  The glossy white paint on his suit also really looks good and fits the occasion.  Unfortunately, I do have some paint issues with my Mario including a black dot near his eye and some plain white paint that spilled on his jacket.  These little issues are a surprise because Nintendo usually avoids them.  With that said, I suspect I just bought a poorer version of this figure than what is on most shelves so I won’t hold it against this figure.  I do advise you to take a good look at Mario before you buy just to make sure he is of a higher quality than the one I bought.

Mario Odyssey Doctor Mario Smash Brothers Mario Amiibo Comparison

Closing Thoughts – As soon as I saw these new Mario Odyssey Amiibo, I knew I was going to buy them but I’m happy that the figure lived up to my expectations.  In fact, I would say it is probably my favorite Mario Amiibo now just because of how cute and charming it is.  Long-time visitors to the site know, I love Mario and any Mario figures I can get my hands on.  With this Amiibo though, Nintendo has delivered something unique that will stand out in your collection even if you have a lot of Mario figures.  Super Mario Odyssey is getting amazing reviews and if you like this character and figures at all, chances are good that this charming design is something you will enjoy for many years to come.




  1. The Mario figure looks pretty amazing to be honest. I’m completely tempted to pick this one up even though I also do not own a Switch and don’t plan to in the immediate future. I’m a little obsessed with wedding Peach too. I’m so glad that you like this particular figure and that it lived up to your expectations!

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    • It is a really nice Amiibo overall and if you think it is cool then you should pick it up 🙂 I’m reviewing the Peach Amiibo and I hope you enjoy reading that review as well! If Mario doesn’t get you buy, maybe Peach will 🙂

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  2. Great review as always Kuribo! I’m not at home this weekend, but I’ll check my own figure and see if it has the same issues yours had. But these three really are some of the best Mario series amiibo ever. Love the theming, and the costumes have that nice texture and sparkle that I really don’t feel much in other amiibo – even the super nice Zelda ones. Of the three, I’d have to say that Mario is my least favorite, only because the Peach and Bowser amiibo are super amazing. I’ll wait till you review them, but I like the different textures of Peach’s costume, and of course, Bowser’s weight. Haha, I don’t know why I like heavy amiibo so much!

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    • Thank you for reading as always! I couldn’t agree more that these are top notch figures and unique designs that will stand out. I really think Peach is a big improvement on her previous Amiibo as I will discuss in my review I’m posting now but Bowser looks amazing too and I can’t wait to get that review up early next week! The Amiibo releases this year have been steady and pretty excellent overall. We have been spoiled by Nintendo!

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