Princess Peach Super Mario Odyssey Review

If there is one character who could use an even stronger Amiibo than they already have, it is Princess Peach.  Both of her Amiibo that have come out so far have some strengths but also some major weaknesses that keep them from being as cool as they could be.  Is the new Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo the figure Princess Peach fans have been waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Box Front

Box – I praised the packaging in my recent review of the Mario Amiibo and the Peach art is quite possibly a little better.  The large image of Peach really draws your eye to this Amiibo and highlights the comedic nature of these three Amiibo too.

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Box Back

Functionality – While Mario is one of the best characters to get an Amiibo for because he works in nearly every game, Peach is not a bad bet either.  This Amiibo unlocks the amusing and kind of horrifying, “Wedding Dress Mario” costume in Super Mario Odyssey which many people will want to have for laughs.  If you need a little extra help in Mario Odyssey, the Amiibo will also help with that by giving you extra hearts.

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Front

Pose – One of the nicest features of this figure is Peach’s pose and expression.  She looks shocked and unsure of what to do with her arms and facial expression just like Mario and Bowser proposed marriage to her at the same time.  Much like the Super Mario Peach Amiibo, we can’t see much else of what she is doing because of her legs being covered by the dress.  Even with this limitation and the fact that this is not one of the more dynamic Amiibo, this is still one of the most expressive Princess Peach figure Nintendo has released.

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Back

Paint and Details – The other area where I think this Amiibo is an improvement on previous ones is the details.  While the Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. Peach have some nice touches, the crown and Peach’s eyes and facial expression are all really well done.  What’s more, there is glitter or sparkles in her dress and veil to signify that it is an expensive wedding dress!  These are awesome little touches that make this Amiibo stand out.  The only weakness in the figure is the completely plain back and sides of the figure which make it so you only want to display this Amiibo from the front.  The other Peach Amiibo suffer from this so this is not a huge issue overall.

Princess Peach Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Super Smash Brothers Super Mario Comparison

Closing Thoughts – While there are a few weaknesses in this design like the lack of display options, the newest Princess Peach Amiibo is without a doubt her best figure yet.  It has the best details and a funny and cute design which is sure to please any Peach or Mario fan.  When you combine this with the fact that she makes an awesome little scene next to the other two Mario Odyssey Amiibo, Nintendo has taken a character that is well-represented in this figure line already and found ways to freshen the design and even improve it.




  1. I’m definitely thinking of picking this one up! Your photos are really well done too. It’s nice to see what she looks like at all angles, and the close-up of her face details are really winning me over. Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much! I’m always looking for ways to take the best pictures possible so to know that you think they look good means a lot. I hope you enjoy the Amiibo 🙂 It is a great one!

      Liked by 1 person

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