Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Review

It is time to close out the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo reviews with none other than his royal rottenness, Bowser!  Bowser is one of my favorite Nintendo villain and and this new look for Bowser is really different than anything we’ve seen before.  Bowser may never win in a Mario game but do we win if we pick up this figure?  Let’s find out just how good this new Bowser is!

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Front

Box – As I’ve mentioned in my other two reviews, the box art is excellent for this Amiibo and is among Nintendo’s best work.  They keep raising the bar when it comes to Amiibo packaging and deserve a lot of credit for doing so.

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Back Nintendo

Functionality – The amount of use you can get from this Amiibo is very high so that is a big plus in its favor.  You get the entertaining Bowser costume for Mario and the ability to find hidden coins.  Of the different Amiibo in-game power-ups, that is definitely the one I would want the most and I think it could be really helpful without making the game too easy.  Bowser is definitely worth buying for his use in Super Mario Odyssey alone!

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Front Nintendo

Pose – Just like with Mario and Peach, Bowser is in a very uncharacteristic pose and while not dynamic, you’d be hard pressed not to find it charming (even if Peach probably doesn’t)!  Bowser looks so sincere and earnest while asking Peach to join him.  While we know that is unlikely to ever happen, it does make for a highly entertaining figure.

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Side Nintendo

Paint and Details – Where Bowser really shines is in the details.  He is large and bulky but Bowser still comes with the best textures of the three Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo.  His jacket not only is glossy but has really nice texture that captures the look of a fancy suit.  Even his bow-tie and jacket have excellent sculpted details and the metal pieces on his feet really stand out too.  Bowser also has excellent textures we’ve seen before like on his shell and the bumps on his skin.  My only complaint and this is one I’ve made for every Bowser figure is that the seams along the side of his mouth are really large and noticeable.  There must be a reason why Nintendo has had to design Bowser in this way and it would be amazing if they could improve this in some way.

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Back Nintendo

Display – The best reason to get all three of these Amiibo can be seen below.  They look awesome when you place them next to each other!  Nintendo deserves credit for coming up with Amiibo that tie together closely and reward you for collecting them all.  These three Amiibo are sure to be a highlight on any shelf.

Mario Princess Peach Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Display Nintendo

Closing Thoughts – If you look at where Amiibo started and compare them to where they are now, it is incredible how Nintendo took really solid figures and have improved them in small ways over time.  All of the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo are well done and are useful on the Switch which is all that we can really ask for.  If you’re a Mario fan, you could get just one of these new Amiibo and enjoy it, but with all three being such high quality, there’s no reason not to get them all!  They will look great on display and capture the charm of the Mario video games perfectly.



  1. Call me nuts but I think the quality of the paint for amiibo has been steadily increasing in the more recent additions. For example, my Metroid Samus Returns amiibo are strikingly gorgeous, but sat next to my Zero Suit Samus and regular Samus amiibo, they look so cheap in comparison. They’re really knocking it out of the park, starting with the Breath of the Wild amiibo. Perhaps that explains the price hike, which seem be to be heading upwards to the $15.99 echelon from the $12.99 price point.

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    • I’d have to agree Geddy! The paint on the Amiibo released this year have been on an even higher level than before. Nintendo needs to show that every Amiibo is worth $16 if they’re going to increase the price and using high quality paint is certainly one way to do it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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    • He does clean up good haha. But is it good enough for Peach? 🙂 I hope to play Super Mario Odyssey sometime soon and find out. I think this is one of my favorite Amiibo now too. It is just such a cool version of the character!

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