Blooper 2.5″ Inch World of Nintendo Review

One of the cool things about the World of Nintendo 2.5″ inch figure line is how many obscure characters get turned into figures.  You would have never guessed that Tingle got a figure and now we have Blooper, which is a figure diehard Mario fans want but many casual fans may not know.  Another advantage of 2.5″ inch figures is that they fit in surprisingly well with 4″ inch figures which makes them a great addition to your collection.  Since there are already tons of Mario figures, having Blooper fit in with those larger figures would make it attractive to collectors.  With that said, let’s see what this figure from Jakks Pacific has to offer!

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Box Front

Box – While there is nothing new with the packaging figure, I want to note that it is not a recent release and is something I just happened to spot at Toys R Us and decided to buy because I missed it when it came out.

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Box Back

Pose – There isn’t a lot to talk about here because Blooper basically floats in water in the 2D Mario games with minimal animation.  For this reason, there is no articulation on this figure which is not uncommon with figures in the 2.5″ size.  While it would be nice to have some posing options, ultimately, it is hard to be disappointed when Blooper is a very static character in Mario games.

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Front

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Back

Paint and Details – Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of details on this figure to get excited about either.  The eyes look great and that is really the only thing that is particularly impressive.  The rest of the figure is well-sculpted and matches the character from the games really well.  On the back, there are some paint issues with my figure.  Some smudges and dirt which are not uncommon with World of Nintendo figures can be seen.  White paint is very hard to keep clean but it is frustrating because all of the faults in the figure are also hidden from view when you buy it.  The factory number and manufacturing information is very noticeable on the back due to the white paint which happens frequently with these figures but is never great to see either.  My advice is: if you see Blooper in a store, look it over and make sure it is in good shape and worth buying first as best you can.

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure with Mario

Stand – Finally, we have something I often request with World of Nintendo figures and am happy to see thrown in.  A stand makes it so Blooper can look like he is swimming just like in the Mario games!  The stand could be a little taller (or raise Blooper higher off the ground) and unfortunately, the stand fits pretty loosely in the hole hidden underneath Blooper.  With that said, Blooper sits on it fairly well and won’t go anywhere once he is on the stand so it is a nice inclusion and Jakks Pacific was smart to include it.

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Lakitu and Goomba

Closing Thoughts – Blooper is another one of those figures that is hard to believe that it exists.  As cool as that is, the flaws in the figure are disappointing and limit its appeal which was probably already somewhat limited.  As I often say with World of Nintendo figures, each one is different and perhaps I got one that looked good initially but actually isn’t.  Even with the paint issues though, there isn’t a lot to be excited about with this figure other than the stand.  It will look good in a display or next to Mario but it is too small go along with any other 4″ Inch Mario enemies as you can see above.  Because of the figure’s limitations, it is hard to recommend this figure to anyone who doesn’t love Mario and want to have as many characters as they can find in their collection.



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