New Mario World of Nintendo Figures Spotted?

There has been a bit of a lull in recent weeks with World of Nintendo and yet, a new wave has hit retailers near me recently (and will be reviewed on the site in the near future!) and now we have rumors of new figures!  Sharp-eyed Reddit user, PSIPancakes, shared images of figures that not only look legitimate but appear to be coming soon to retailers like Amazon.  Here are images of both figures and you can visit the links to Amazon below as well:

Hammer Bro World of Nintendo

Hammer Bro. listing on Amazon

Metal Mario World of NIntendo

Metal Mario listing on Amazon

Both of these figures look pretty solid but a Hammer Bro figure is definitely more exciting than another Mario repaint.  The articulation on Hammer Bro looks really good if the final product matches this image.  Metal Mario is a classic power-up from Mario 64 but the figure itself is a bit generic and could use something to make it stand out from all of the Mario figures already released.  It is exciting to see more stuff coming to World of Nintendo and just how deep Jakks Pacific is going with Mario.  If I see or hear any more rumors of the next wave of figures, you can be sure I’ll report them here!

What do you think of these new figures?  Are either of these two must buys?  Let us know in the comments below!




  1. I still wish they would have kept the 6” line going as I really wanted to see a King K. Rool figure made! They’re missing out on a lot of money that’s for sure. The Hammer Bro figure looks sweet, but Jakks Pacific really let me down. They could have made so much more happen, & they let two starting figures ruin there entire 6” lineup…

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    • King K. Rool in 6″ would be absolutely amazing! I would definitely buy that as well. I think Jakks Pacific has heard from fans that they want the 6″ line back so I don’t think it is unrealistic to think it may return one day. It seems like they’re trying to learn from past mistakes and not release too many figures at once anymore. Jakks released a lot of different figures when the 6″ ones were out, including Micro Land and all of the other World of Nintendo figures and I think that might have been part of why they weren’t more successful too. If they do 6″ figures in more limited quantity, I think they would sell better instead of sitting around on store shelves until they have to be clearanced. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kirkland!


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