Mario (Super Mario Maker) World of Nintendo Review

While it is not a new phenomenon in World of Nintendo, one of the figure line’s greatest strengths is that Jakks Pacific will make figures that Nintendo hasn’t made Amiibo of yet.  This is certainly the case with Super Mario Maker where Nintendo strangely did not make an Amiibo of Mario’s “construction” outfit.  Fortunately, if you’re a fan of Super Mario Maker, your wait for a figure of “construction” Mario is over!

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box Front

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box Back

Box – The most interesting part of this box is actually on the back where you see what else has been included in the wave.  No Iggy Koopa!?  Only two other figures!?  This is a very strange wave and unlike any I have seen in World of Nintendo.  Hopefully Jakks Pacific delivers another full wave of 4″ figures soon!

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure with Goomba

Accessories – I want to start with the most interesting part of this figure.  Surprisingly, this version of Mario comes with two accessories.  First is his hammer, which is a little small for the size of Mario’s hand but does fit the game’s art (I actually checked to better understand why Jakks did it this way).  It may look a little silly but the hammer fits really well in both Mario’s hand and belt.  As you can see from the pictures above and below, I had fun using it.  While you might not think of it this way, Mario’s belt is technically an accessory according to the back of the box and while the belt can be repositioned on Mario if you desire or hold his hammer, that is about it.  All in all, these are fun accessories to have and they do make the figure more fun to own.

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Pose Two

Details – The extra accessory that comes with this figure may have been added to help offset that there isn’t anything especially impressive about Mario’s design.  That isn’t to say it is bad, it is just simple.  The M on Mario’s hat and his eyes are just about the only noteworthy details and those are things we already expect from a Mario figure.  I did notice a fair amount of other Mario’s with scuffs or paint flaws at my local Meijer and was lucky enough to find one that is in good shape so if you see this guy at retail, look him over and make sure he is the high quality figure that you’re looking for.

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Pose 1

Articulation – I saved articulation for last because this Mario is like any other Mario figure from World of Nintendo.  He can do a few basic poses but nothing too flashy.  I always want to make it look like Mario is running and that ends up being tricky with World of Nintendo figures.  Mario’s feet are a little imbalanced because his legs do not go straight up and down but other than that, you will get standard articulation and a few display options with this Mario.

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure with Gold Mario

Closing Thoughts – I have been collecting just about all of the variations of Mario I can find in World of Nintendo and I like both the color scheme and the accessories that this comes with.  The “Open Hands” Mario is a better figure but this one is definitely fun and compares well to all of the other Mario figures.  Even with limited poseability, I found it pretty easy to create some fun displays because of Mario’s hammer.  If you like Mario and especially, Super Mario Maker, I think this figure is well worth buying, especially since it is unlikely that we’ll get a Mario Maker Amiibo from Nintendo anytime soon.




    • It was a big surprise and disappointment to me too. I think Jakks got a lot of people excited about Iggy before this wave hit stores and now that we see it is only three figures and World of Nintendo releases have been slow the last few months, a lot of people are disappointed and concerned about the future of this line. Hopefully there are more figures on the way in the near future!


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