Super Mario 3 Pins Blind Boxes For Sale

While not figure news, I do have something to share that I think Nintendo fans will want to know about.  Penny Arcade, which started as a webcomic and has become wildly successful and now puts on video game conventions, is offering a new line of collectible Mario pins!  These pins look like art straight from the game in all its 8-Bit glory and the overall quality is high too.  The packaging also gets high marks for replicating an old NES cartridge.  If this doesn’t tickle your nostalgia bone, then nothing will!  Since they are pins that can be attached to other things, there is definitely some cool display possibilities here too.  Maybe you can recreate a Mario level or decorate a piece of corkboard and hang that on your wall.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Pins Blind Box Packaging 2

For those who don’t know, these pins will be random since they are blind boxes.  Some people love these kinds of products and others hate them.  Each box will have two pins it and you can see the odds below.  Blind boxes are popular for small figures and collectibles and so this format for the pins makes sense and is a way to get Nintendo fans hooked on collecting them.  The character selection is very good in this set and personally, I’d love to have quite a few of these (especially that Kuribo’s Boot, shocking I know!).

Super Mario Bros. 3 Pins Blind Box Rarity Penny Arcade

There is one catch besides the randomness, the price of these is a bit steep at $22 each.  That means each pin is $11 and the possibility of getting a double since these are random is not too exciting.  Not all Nintendo fans are going to be a player at this price and that is a shame.  I think if they could get the price under $10 (even if it meant a drop in quality), that would help these pins reach a much bigger audience.  I think I’d like to pick one of these up at some point and review them.  I don’t think I will collect them all or anything like that since they are quite pricey but you never know!  They certainly look like they’d be fun to buy and open.

What are your thoughts on this new product?  Is it something you might buy?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Crazy these are coming from Penny-Arcade of all places. You would probably know this better than I, but is Nintendo getting more open about giving out licenses for merchandise? $22 is just too much for me I’m afraid, though.

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    • Nintendo has definitely become more open to merchandising their properties partly because of the lack of commercial success with the Wii U. I have seen some more eclectic items in the last couple of years including Mario drink coasters and ice cube trays. I think the price point on these pins is too high for a lot of people and will limit their sales. Even one pin for $8 instead of having to buy two for $22 would have made a huge difference in sales and made this feel like more of an impulse buy.


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