Bowser Figure Buying Spotlight

Partly because writing and maintaining the figure guides are a lot of work, I am starting a new kind of article with the same purpose.  Instead of covering all of the figures for a particular character, I’m going to highlight the ones I think Nintendo fans and collectors will find the most interesting and collectible.  Bowser is a perfect character for this style of guide because a quick search on Ebay reveals that there are tons of cheap and possibly unlicensed figures of Bowser that most collectors wouldn’t find terribly interesting and trying to cover all of them would be a serious pain for me.  Instead, this article will talk about the best stuff that is out there that many of you may be interested in.

Bowser is such a fun and iconic villain and it is no surprise that he has figure support from toy companies.  If you like Mario, why wouldn’t you want a Bowser figure to go along with him?  With that said, it is actually kind of hard to find Bowser figures that are in-scale with Mario and there aren’t as many higher end options for Bowser as you might expect so I think it is important to highlight what you can buy.

Bowser World of Nintendo 6 Inch Figure

World of Nintendo 6″ Bowser Figure – If you’re looking for a Bowser that is in-scale with other Mario figures and is an articulated action figure, then this is a great option.  6″ Bowser was released early in World of Nintendo for around $15 and is somewhat hard to find and expensive to get now.  Unfortunately, Jakks Pacific cancelled this figure line because it didn’t sell well when World of Nintendo came out.  As time has gone on, Nintendo collectors have realized how good of a figure this is and how it compliments the 4″ Inch Mario figures really well and the number of them available to purchase has dwindled.  So while this one isn’t easy to track down, I think it might be the best option for many Bowser fans

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Bowser Box Super Mario

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Bowser with Mario

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Bowser – This Bowser figure comes from Japan and one of Japan’s biggest figure makers.  It retails for $50 which is quite a bit more than the World of Nintendo Bowser but it does come with a fireball which really looks cool and makes it easy to recreate those iconic final battles with Mario.  The rest of the Mario figures in this Bandai line are really high-quality and come with a lot of accessories including many of the common enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas so that is nice too if you decide to collect figures beyond Bowser.  The biggest complaint I have heard people make about Bowser is that the scale when compared to Mario is way off and Bowser is just too short as the picture above illustrates.  If you want Bowser to be in-scale, this may be something that keeps you from purchasing this figure but other than that, it is a great choice for any Bowser fan.

Bowser First 4 Figures Exclusive Statue

First 4 Figures Bowser Statue – If you have deep pockets and plenty of room to display a large statue then I have the Bowser figure for you!  With a $700 price tag, you know you’re getting a premium and highly accurate version of Bowser.  First 4 Figures make statues for several of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and are very popular with Nintendo fans.  The statues almost always sell out before they are released and Bowser continues this trend.  The Exclusive version (pictured above), which lights up, is the same price as the Regular version which does not light up and has already sold out at the time of writing.  You can still purchase a Regular version if interested so I encourage you to visit for more information.

Bowser Mario Kart 64 Toy Biz

ToyBiz Mario Kart 64 Bowser – If you have any fondness for Mario Kart or the Nintendo 64, then this version of Bowser may be a perfect fit for your collection.  The figure has an interesting design that doesn’t quite match what we expect to see of Bowser but the fact that he actually fits in the Kart and comes with Turtle shells is really nice.  There really hasn’t been a Mario Kart themed toy of this size or quality since the Nintendo 64 days sadly and as you can imagine, this figure is not necessarily cheap as a result.  It will also take some patience as there are not a lot that go up for sale on places like eBay.

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Front Nintendo

Super Mario Bowser Amiibo

Super Smash Brothers Bowser

Bowser Skylanders Amiibo Starter Pack

Amiibo – This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Amiibo!  Not only are there three Amiibo and one crossover with Skylanders to choose from, but the details on these figures is high for their price.  The Wedding Outfit Bowser gets my recommendation because of its unique design but the other two Amiibo are also solid too.  The Super Mario Bowser is easy to find brand new online and has the classic character design you’d expect.  The Skylanders “armored” Bowser design doesn’t fit into Bowser’s Nintendo appearances as well so that may be more of an acquired taste.

So that is a look at the best Bowser figures that have been released as of the time of writing.  While these are some great options, hopefully we will see even more released in the future because it doesn’t feel like Bowser has truly gotten his due yet from figure companies.  I hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to more articles like this in the future!




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