Detective Pikachu Amiibo Announced!

In my last article, I mentioned that it seems like it has been a while since any Amiibo news has come out and Nintendo has swooped in to fix that problem!  A new Detective Pikachu Amiibo is coming to the US in March!  Detective Pikachu is a character nobody saw coming and is certainly unique.  It is great to see another Pokemon figure coming out and it feels like it has been years since the last Smash Brothers one came out.

What you may not expect is the size of Detective Pikachu!.  Look at the Detective versus the Smash Bros. Pikachu in the pictures below.  This will likely be one of the largest plastic Amiibo ever made.  It does makes me curious about the price and it seems safe to assume that Detective Pikachu will cost more than your average Amiibo.

I like the look of this Amiibo quite a bit, it has the trademark Nintendo cuteness, and a really unique base.  Not to mention the really cool and unique box art!  Nintendo looks to have a winner here and hopefully we’ll see more cool figures like this in 2018!

Detective Pikachu Pokemon Nintendo Amiibo

Detective Pikachu Pokemon Nintendo Amiibo Box Art

Detective Pikachu Super Smash Brothers Nintendo Amiibo Size Comparison

I’m not a huge Pokemon fan and haven’t played a game in the series in ten plus years but I have a feeling I will be picking this up since Pikachu has always been the face of Pokemon and the one I think of first.  How do you feel about this new Amiibo?  Will you picking one up?  Why or why not?  Let us know in the comments below!


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