Jakks Pacific Asking For Your Ideas for World of Nintendo!

I might have missed this if not for the awesome World of Nintendo Reddit but Jakks Pacific, the makers of World of Nintendo figures is asking Nintendo fans which figures they want on Twitter.  Lots of great ideas have already been suggested including more Donkey Kong Country characters, Pikmin, Koopalings, Daisy, and even Ridley from Metroid!  Any of these characters would be amazing in figure form and I encourage each of you, even if you don’t have any original ideas to let your voices be heard on Jakks’ Twitter account.  If they see that lots of people want Pikmin or DKC or whatever, they’re that much more likely to make it and Jakks will be making figures that we want that way too so it really is a win-win!

I also want to say, thanks to Jakks Pacific for asking their fans what they want to see next.  At times, it is hard to know if Jakks is listening to collectors or just kind of doing their own thing.  With this open call on Twitter and the recent figure tease last week, it seems like they are trying to up their marketing and fan outreach which is fantastic.  That is only going to help World of Nintendo going forward which means we can hopefully count on these figures to be released for many years to come!


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    If you have Twitter and love Nintendo figures, hop on to Twitter and let Jakks Pacific, the makers of World of Nintendo, know what kind of Nintendo figures you want to see in the future! Read on for links to their Twitter account and to see what some of the most popular ideas thus far are.


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