2018 Figure and Video Game Collecting Goals

There has definitely been a lull in figure releases here recently and with that “time off” from collecting, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what my collection goals are for this year and I’d like to share them with you.  I consider myself a collector of both video games and figures so I will discuss both.  If nothing else, I think this will give you some idea of what to expect on the site in the coming year but I also hope that you will consider sharing your collecting goals in the comments section below!  It is always nice to share and hear what other Nintendo fans are excited about!

Metal Mario and Mario Kart Trophy World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Jakks Pacific

World of Nintendo and Amiibo – The tricky thing with setting any goals with Amiibo and World of Nintendo is that we have limited knowledge of what is coming out during the year, especially right now.  I know with World of Nintendo I will continue to buy and review any figures that fit into my Mario collection.  I also will buy anything that is interesting or I think you might be interested in seeing reviewed.  The same is true for Amiibo.  I tend to skip the franchises that I don’t play like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing but if there is an Amiibo that is different or interesting enough, I will buy it and review it here on the site.  Personally, I’m hoping we get some more big Amiibos announced for late winter/early spring but we’ll just have to see what that ends up being!  One of these days I’d love to share with you my collection of World of Nintendo and Amiibo but they’re mostly stored away and I have yet to come up with any good ways to photograph it all together in an appealing way.  Whenever I figure it out, I will definitely discuss and share.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid Spitting Out Star

Other Nintendo Figures – The other main Nintendo figure lines I collect are Nendoroid and to a lesser extent, Figma.  I definitely will be getting the new Kirby Nendoroid soon as I loved the first one.  If you’ve followed the site for a while then you know that I’ve soured a bit on the Zelda Nendoroids because their lack of articulation limits both display options and how fun they are to pose.  I am probably going to trim my Nendoroid collection and get rid of the Wind Waker Link and Chris from Resident Evil as they would be the last ones I would put on display currently.  I would love to see more Nintendo Nendoroids and Figmas in 2018.  If there aren’t many announced, I may grab the Meta Knight Nendoroid as well.  It looks high quality but not too poseable which is the only reason it hasn’t joined my collection yet.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Poster

Star Wars Figures – The only other figures I collect are Star Wars and as I described recently, I’m not so keen on collecting Star Wars stuff as of late because of The Last Jedi.  I may get rid of some of my Star Wars Figuart figures from the newer movies as I no longer want to collect anything from the new movies.  I do intend to get caught up on the Samurai Star Wars figures and the Royal Guard and Darth Maul are highest on my list so don’t be surprised to see those get reviewed in the coming months.  Beyond that, I find myself the least interested I’ve been in Star Wars since around the end of the prequels.  I hope that I get back to enjoying Star Wars but for now anyway, I’m taking a bit of a break I guess you could say.

Display Case – Something I hope to accomplish this year is to make a display case for my favorite figures.  I’ve long planned on having a video game room with my figures on display and I’ve not yet been able to do it due to space contraints.  I think chances are good that I will be moving this year and hopefully living in a bigger space where I can finally showcase my collection.  If that happens, rest assured that I will share it with all of you!


Video Games – In 2017, I bought a Playstation 3 and tried to get caught up on games I missed and wanted to play for that system.  Persona 5 took up a lot of my time but I played some other fun games like Infamous 1 and 2 and Yakuza 3.  In 2018, I think I’m going to be ambitious and get a PS4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch.  I really want to play some of the action games on PS4 and I’m saving games like Uncharted, Last of Us, and Grand Theft Auto for the PS4 since those will be superior versions of those games.  At the same time, I do want to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey so I expect to get a Switch finally later this year.  I’ve never owned a special edition Nintendo console and I would love to do that for the first time in 2018, especially if a cool Mario one gets released.  Clearly, I will be spending some serious money on video games in 2018 and I think I’ll have a lot of great games to play too.

Over the course of 2017, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t have tons of freetime to play all of the video games I want to play and so I just have to focus on the very best ones.  Persona 5 tested my patience and dedication a bit because the game is so long and it requires a lot of time to feel like you’re making progress in the game so that may be part of my desire to play shorter action games for at least a while in 2018.

Those are my ambitious plans for 2018.  What are yours?  It can be figure related or video game related or both!  Please share in the comments below and at the end of 2018, I’ll look back on this article and see which of these goals I was able to achieve!



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    If you collect anything Nintendo, it is a good idea to have goals and try to stay focused with so many cool Nintendo things to choose from. Kuribo shares his feelings on figure and video game collecting in 2018 and he hopes you’ll share some of yours too in this last article.


  2. Those are good goals you set for yourself! My goal this year is to trim my backlog a little. Even if I don’t beat all the games I play, I at least want to TRY some of the games I have and have never played. My husband still won’t let me live down the fact that I bought Diablo III for the XBox 360 when it first came out and it’s still in its wrapper. Oops!


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