Most Wanted Figures – Every Super Mario Game – Part 2

My apologies for not getting this article done sooner!  Real life has kept me away from the site more than I would like this week but I’m back and hope to resume normal updates once again.  If you missed part one in this series, I am coming up with at least one figure idea for every platforming Mario game up to Mario Odyssey.  The first article was a blast to write and I enjoyed reading your comments so I’m excited to share my thoughts with you on some of the more recent Mario games.

Big Bob-Omb Mario 64 Nintendo Super Mario

Super Mario 64 – Nintendo 64 – Big Bob-Omb – When you think Super Mario 64, chances are good that you remember how cool controlling Mario was and how impressively large the worlds are in that game.  As far as enemies go, there aren’t a lot of unique ones from this game that I would like a figure of.  Bowser’s design is not too impressive either.  The most unique and coolest looking power-up in the game, Metal Mario, is already getting a figure so that disqualifies it from the list. One figure option would be “Winged Cap Mario” which was the game’s most fun power-up and on the game’s box art.  For me though, I always think of the opening level in Mario 64 where you climb the mountain to face Big Bob-Omb.  While his design would need some updating like in the picture above to make an appealing figure, I think he could have the articulation to be fun to play with and fit in well with World of Nintendo.  He would be perfect in the 6″ line if that was still around too.

Petey Piranha Super Mario Sunshine Nintendo Gamecube

Super Mario Sunshine – Gamecube –  Petey Piranha – Mario Sunshine is a game that, while challenging, is really fun and has so many things going for it including a fresh visual style and awesome soundtrack.  With that said, it is hard to pick things that would make for a good figure in World of Nintendo.  I don’t know if Pianta’s would sell well as a figure and there aren’t any iconic enemies in the game outside of Bowser Jr. who is already has a World of Nintendo figure.  One potential option is Mario with Fludd.  This would be a tough figure to design and probably wouldn’t have the greatest articulation.  Instead of another Mario figure, I’d love to see Petey Piranha get some figure love.  While he serves as a boss in this game, it is a character that has been in several Mario games now with slightly different designs which helps solidify why it should be a figure.  Petey Piranha is one of the strongest memories I carry with me from this game and because of that and his cool character design, I’d love to see Petey come to World of Nintendo.

Cosmic Mario Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy – Wii – Cosmic Mario – One of the reasons I’ve saved Mario on this list is because I think Cosmic Mario would make for a visually striking and cool tribute to this game.  That’s not to say a Rosalina (who is well-represented in Amiibo but not World of Nintendo), wouldn’t be a big hit and personally, I wouldn’t mind a member of the Toad Brigade even if it would basically be a simple repaint/alternative to existing Toad figures.  Super Mario Galaxy is one of Mario’s finest games and should be better represented with figures.  Jakks Pacific, please make this happen!

Penguin Mario New Super Mario Bros Wii

Propeller Toad with Luigi New Super Mario Bros Wii Nintendo

New Super Mario Brothers Wii – Wii – Propeller Mario or Penguin Mario – New Super Mario Brothers Wii is a game that takes some flak for not being innovative enough and when you look at the characters in the game, it is hard to disagree.  Almost all of them are recycled from previous Mario games. The most interesting part of the game might be the power-ups which is why I think either the Propeller Hat or Penguin Suit would make for a cool figure.  I said Mario in the opening but honestly, any of the playable characters from this game with the power-up would be great and would stand out in a Nintendo figure collection.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Art

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii – Captain Toad – I had a really tough time finding someone new for Super Mario Galaxy 2 so ultimately, I went with Captain Toad.  He is one of the most charming and adorable Nintendo characters ever made and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one of my favorite games on Wii U.  The fact that Captain Toad has not gotten a proper figure is a crime!  One alternate suggestion would be the Hungry Luma which I felt like I fed stars to really often in the game.  Lumas represent the galaxy series well and are certainly worthy of being in World of Nintendo.

Nabbit New Super Mario Bros. U Wii U Nintendo

New Super Mario Brothers U – Wii U – Nabbit – In a game with some creative level artwork, but not a lot of unique enemies, the choice is clear.  Nabbit was a cool and cute take on a thief in the Mario universe.  While it looks similar to Bowser Jr. with the bib, I think Nabbit would be popular with World of Nintendo fans and Mario fans alike.  If Nabbit was a 4″ Inch figure, his bag could be a cool and fun accessory to boot.

Cat Goomba Super Mario 3D World Wii U Nintendo
Image courtesy of

Spike Super Mario 3D World Wii Nintendo

Super Mario 3D World – Wii U – Cat Goomba / Spike – This is one of the few games on this list that Jakks Pacific has already covered really well in World of Nintendo.  There have been tons of Cat figures which are all fun to own.  So instead of a hero, I think we could use some enemies from this game.  I’ve said how badly I want a Spike figure because it is my favorite enemy in Super Mario Brothers 3 and the one in Super Mario 3D World is especially cool with the long spike stick it throws.  I don’t think it would be an easy accessory to make but it would look really cool.  Cat Goomba would be a cool new take on the Goomba figures we’ve already seen.  The design would look amazing if Jakks Pacific can pull of the paint application and having a tail gives Goomba a little extra articulation and visual interest too.  No matter which figure they go with, either one of these enemies would be fantastic!

Those are my thoughts on the remaining Mario console games and I’d love to hear yours.  Which characters do you think should be made into figures from these games?  Let us know in the comments below!



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    • That would be neat and with open hands Luigi, I think it would be pretty straightforward to pull off! I’m about to write a post about it but it sounds like we will be getting a propeller figure in World of Nintendo soon. If only it were Toad!


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