New World of Nintendo Figures at Toy Fair

The World of Nintendo news is not slowing down thanks to Toy Fair in New York!  Jakks Pacific usually has a presence at the show and this year is no exception.  While most of the figures they’ve been showing off have already been revealed, there are a couple of surprises to share with you. Special thanks goes to for sharing these great pictures from New York!

New 2.5 Inch World of Nintendo Figures Jakks Pacific

While not new to World of Nintendo, Bowser Jr. is coming soon to 2.5″ and as a departure from the 4″ figure that has already been released, his bandana covering his face.  New versions of Toad are also coming including one that looks like Toad with a Fire Flower. The orange and yellow color scheme is pretty cool looking.  Larry Koopa, another of the Koopalings will soon be available as a smaller figure too.  Finally, we have the very bright, orange Yoshi which, while a repaint, has a great color scheme if nothing else.  All in all, these figures look great and while the articulation looks like it could be pretty limited on many of them, if you like the smaller figure size, it is nice to see more Mario figures hitting store shelves!

New 4 Inch World of Nintendo Figures Propellor Mario Jakks Pacific

There are fewer reveals for the 4″ line.  Propeller Mario is the biggest surprise in this image.  It took Jakks a long time to make this figure in a larger size after covering it really well in Micro Land but regardless of that fact, it is still nice to see the propeller power-up coming to World of Nintendo.  The rest of these figures have been revealed before.  The only other surprise that I can see is that Raccoon Mario comes with a turtle shell.  That is a new accessory and will be a nice addition to the line.

Mario Kart RC Car World of Nintendo Jakks Pacific

Next, we have the Mario Kart motorcycle R/C “car” coming as well.  I don’t know much about these toys and so I can’t speak to their quality but if you enjoy Mario Kart and/or remote control vehicles then this may be right up your alley!

World of Nintendo Squeeze Blind Bags Jakks Pacific

Finally, while these have hit stores like Toys R Us already according to the World of Nintendo Reddit, Jakks also promoted a new blind bag featuring squeezable Mario characters.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how much these cost as I have yet to see them in stores but when I do see them, I’ll be sure to report back or possibly review one here on the site.

So there you have it!  More new stuff coming from Jakks Pacific and World of Nintendo.  I couldn’t be more excited for all the new Mario stuff coming our way though I am surprised that there is nothing outside of Mario being released.  Hopefully, we get a better mix of Nintendo characters going forward so fans of other Nintendo franchises don’t feel like they’re being left out!  What do you think about these latest releases and which ones are you excited to own?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • I would love to see both of them with power-ups too! Rosalina would be a good candidate for that too since her Amiibo only show her in the usual dress. If Jakks keeps thinking outside of the box, there are tons of great figures they can make.


    • I would like to see Dry Bones as well! With two versions of Para Troopa, Goomba, and Shy Guy already in World of Nintendo and Hammer Bro. soon to be released, I would think it is only a matter of time until Dry Bones gets made 🙂


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