Guardian Zelda Breath of Wild Nendoroid Pre-Order Up!

It was just a week ago when we saw the first color pictures of the new Guardian Nendoroid and now we know much more about it, including the accessories it comes with and the release date!  To be honest, I wondered what would come with this character since it kind of seems like the figure itself is all that most people would want.  Fortunately, Good Smile is giving us two cool accessories for Guardian and one for Link as well.

Eye Blast Guardian Breath of the Wild Accessory Nendoroid Good Smile Company

First up is the very cool looking eye-blast!  Good Smile loves to make these kind of effect accessories and this one just looks awesome.  It definitely adds a more imposing feel to an otherwise cute figure.

Game Over Guardian Breath of the Wild Accessory Nendoroid Good Smile Company

Next up is a kind of accessory that I’ve only seen Good Smile do and that is a background or in this case, I think it is probably a somewhat transparent piece that you can put your figures behind to create a cool effect.  So if you want to recreate the Game Over screen from Breath of the Wild, you’ll be able to do that!

Link Breath of the Wild Extra Bow Accessory Nendoroid Good Smile Company

Finally, if you have the Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid, you’ll be happy to know that a cool, alternate version of his bow is coming for Link as well.  It is always nice when Good Smile rewards you for having a large collection (or persuades you to buy more figures!) and this piece will look great with Link.

The Guardian Nendoroid is scheduled to come out in August and is available for pre-order now from your favorite Japanese retailer.  Keep in mind that sometimes Nendoroid releases do get pushed back depending on how Good Smile’s production schedule is going but usually not more than a couple of months.  If you’re looking for a good place to preorder, then I recommend AmiAmi.  I have had positive experiences with them on all my figure orders and they offer fast and reliable shipping from Japan too.




  1. Amazing! I only own one Nendoroid and that is of BOTW Link. I thought I could just stop there but how wrong I was. Now I need to pre-order this. You should work at Good Smile Kuribo, you are a master at combining subliminal messaging with tactful sales techniques!

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    • That is a great Nendoroid to own. It comes with a lot of cool accessories. Nendoroids are very hard to resist haha. Once you get one, you have to get more 🙂 Thank you for the kind words as well Mike! I just try to spread the joy of Nintendo figures to others!


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