New World of Nintendo Figures Spotted at Game Stop!

It is a bit of a slow week for Nintendo figure news so I thought I’d share something spotted on the very useful World of Nintendo Reddit.  In the US, there are new World of Nintendo figures being stocked at Game Stop!  Raccoon Mario and Metal Mario (pictured below) which were announced as part of a wave that includes Hammer Bro. and Iggy Koopa have shown up on shelves but surprisingly, without the Mario enemies.  Could this be another dreaded distribution issue?  Did Game Stop only want the Mario figures (which probably sell better or at least more figures overall)?  It is hard to say what is going on exactly.  However, it is great news for anyone who likes Mario or World of Nintendo or is just looking for some new Nintendo figures to buy!

Raccoon Mario World of Nintendo 4" Figure Jakks Pacific Teaser

Metal Mario and Mario Kart Trophy World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Jakks Pacific

I plan to hit my local Game Stop this week and see if they have these figures in stock.  If I’m able to pick them up, you can expect reviews to follow in the near future.  Hopefully everyone is able to find the figures they want and we find out what is going on with the other two figures that were supposed to come out at the same time in the near future as well.  If you check your local Game Stop, feel free to let us know how the toy hunting goes in the comments below!


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