World of Nintendo Walgreen’s Exclusive Wave Spotted!

Of all the releases in World of Nintendo, I have the most trouble finding the Walgreen’s Exclusives.  I’ve never seen interesting World of Nintendo figures in Walgreen’s near me and sometimes cool figures are released to Walgreen’s first which makes them something I’d love to collect more of.  With that said, I know many other collectors have great success with these figures and I’ve got some exciting news to share about a new figures coming to Walgreen’s. As it turns out, another Walgreen’s Exclusive wave has hit at least one store and fortunately, Reddit user, Tongpo1980, has shared an image of the figures included in the wave:

Walgreen's Exclusive 2.5 Inch Wave
Image courtesy of

There are quite a few figures here that we’ve seen before (and are repaints) but there are some new ones to be excited about here too.  Larry Koopa is going to be sought after and Star Power Luigi looks pretty cool too.  I may be keeping an eye on eBay to try and track down these figures and if I’m able to get them for a fair price, I’ll certainly review them here on the site.  I hope this information helps all of you and let us know if you spot any of these figures at a Walgreen’s near you!


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