Editorial: Why Amiibo Should Embrace Labo

We’re still in a bit of a lull news-wise and I’ve been doing some thinking about what Amiibo need to do to spice things up and keep interest high in the short.  The answer is actually right there in front of us.  Nintendo looks to have a big hit with the new Labo construction kits.  What is clever about Labo is that it will hook a whole new audience into the Nintendo Switch.  People who like building toys like Legos will be intrigued but more importantly, kids who don’t already have a Switch are going to be buying lots of them because the Labo sets look really cool and are getting fairly solid reviews too.  Many schools are planning on getting Labo for their classrooms and that just makes it that much more likely that many families will be adding a Nintendo Switch to their households soon.

Nintendo Labo Switch

Why should Amiibo team up with Labo to create something new?  It will bring something fresh to Amiibo which we need right now.  Wouldn’t you love an Amiibo you could build yourself?  Maybe a Papercraft-style Mario Amiibo?  Or an Amiibo that does stuff in Labo games specifically?  If there’s any chance that you can move or pose the Amiibo and it gets recognized in the game, that would be even cooler.  There is so much potential there for Nintendo to tap into and it could lead both new Nintendo and Labo fans to get hooked on Amiibo and it will definitely cause Amiibo fans to check out more of the Labo products when they might have otherwise passed on them.  There really aren’t a lot of downsides to Nintendo marrying these two important products together into one.

Amiibo have always appealed to kids as much as adults and Labo may be tilted towards kids more than adults, but there is still a great opportunity here even if the Amiibo comes out later this year.  Amiibo collectors are ready for the next thing to get us excited and to be frank, there aren’t a lot of Amiibo coming out in the next few months which is a bummer as well.  So Nintendo, bring us some new Labo Amiibo and watch your profits rise even higher!


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