New Bowser and Mario Figure Set Teased!

Jakks Pacific is back with some more World of Nintendo figure news being teased on Reddit and this time it involves the return of much wanted figure!  6″ Bowser is a figure that has become more and more sought after over time, in part due to the realization that the World of Nintendo figure is actually better than the figures that many of the competitors have released.  If you’ve been wanting one and not wanting to pay the high prices on 3rd party sites like eBay, then you’re in luck!

Bowser's Lava Battle Set World of Nintendo Diorama Set

A new diorama/figure set has been announced and while details are limited, the set looks nice!  Mario and Bob-omb are nothing new or hard to find and while Bowser isn’t technically new, since he has become rare, he is certainly exciting.  This new set is a great way to re-release a figure without necessarily bringing back the entire 6″ inch line too which is probably a win for Jakks Pacific since the figure line on the whole didn’t seem to do well when it was on shelves.  It is not clear which retailers are going to sell this though it sounds like Entertainment Earth and Toys R Us Canada are the two biggest ones who are currently signed on.  It is hard to imagine this hitting the shelves of Target or Wal-Mart but I hope to be wrong!  The price of this set will also be interesting.  I would expect it to be around $25-35 since you have a 6″ figure, a 4″ figure and a 2.5″ figure which would make it one of the most expensive products in World of Nintendo upon release.

Bowser's Lava Battle Set World of Nintendo Diorama Set 2

What do you think of this newest product from Jakks Pacific?  Is this something you’ve been hoping for or is there a different figure you’d like to see them re-release?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I would love it if they did a set of the four Star Fox characters. I dont have Falco, and am not willing to spend $50 on him alone, but if he was in a four pack I could justify it.

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    • I think a Star Fox set would be awesome too! Most people either want Fox and none of the other characters or they want all four members of the team so it makes perfect sense to turn it into a set. Hopefully Jakks Pacific notices this suggestion and makes a set in the future! If that doesn’t happen, hopefully Falco gets re-released at some point so you can get one for a reasonable price.


  2. I absolutely love the look of this set! as it happens i don’t own any of these three, or any of the 6′ figures so if i see this one somewhere i’ll absolutely have to pick it up 🙂

    As for future multipacks maybe a four pack of Mario, Luigi and yellow and blue toad or perhaps Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and some kind of applicable 2.5′ figure?

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    • I think it has a nice look too and will attract buyers on the shelves. If you don’t own any of these, figures I would say it is a must buy! I have two out of the three already so it won’t be an easy decision for me. I would really like to own a Bowser and he is the one thing I’m missing in my Mario collection so I’ll probably cave and buy it!

      A Mario set makes perfect sense and as we know, Mario sells or Jakks wouldn’t keep making so many of him! I think a Donkey Kong set would be great too. I think people would buy a set of just 2.5″ DK figures since Cranky Kong is hard to find and expensive now.


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