New World of Nintendo Squishies Spotted!

It has been a bit quiet on the figure front lately, hence the lack of updates here on the site but Reddit user, defdumenblind, on the World of Nintendo Reddit recently spotted a new release that has already hit stores apparently!  Super Mario Squishies which I reviewed a while back on the site and found them to be a pleasant surprise, are getting a new release.  This newest wave has some surprising and excellent choices like Monty Mole and Thwomp!  The character line-up, while possibly less iconic is much more interesting and gives me hope that Squishies could be an exciting mainstay in World of Nintendo.  Keep an eye at your local Target as that is apparently one retailer where you can find these.  If I hear of any other retailers stocking these in the wake of Toys R Us’s demise, I will definitely update the article.  As always, let us know your experience finding these new figures in the comments below so that all collectors who want them, can find them!

World of Nintendo Squishy Wave Two Jakks Pacific


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