– 2015-2018

After several months of deliberation and trying to justify keeping the site going, I have decided it is time to end active content creation on NintendoFigures.  It has been a tough decision to make because I have been immensely proud of the site and blown away by all of the success it has experienced as well.  I don’t like to leave anything unfinished and it felt like ending the site was leaving a job half done.

At the same time, several things in my life have changed this year.  For one, I moved to Chicago where I no longer have easy access to buying figures in-person.  I also have way less storage space than I did in Ohio so I can’t easily buy new figures without considering how much room they will take up.  More significantly, Amiibo and World of Nintendo are in a weird place now.  Both products are around and have new releases but they feel like they’re losing momentum with both fans and the companies that produce them.  Nintendo seems to view Amiibo as a side project with sporadic releases now and World of Nintendo is struggling for an identity and to hook fans in a new post-Toys R Us landscape.  While I think both figure lines are profitable, this is causing fans to lose interest.  I have watched as less and less people post in the World of Nintendo and Amiibo Reddit and the lack of exciting releases is surely part of it.  Perhaps part of the initial wave of enthusiasm has died and people have drifted away to other interests too.  I think this hobby will live in on for many years as so many people love Nintendo but it is going to become more niche and the days of massive Amiibo displays at your local retailer are probably over.

Whatever the case may be, it has been a pleasure working on the site for the past three years and I thank you all for visiting and making it successful.  The content on the site isn’t going anywhere and I will continue to pay for the web address so people can easily find the material here.  I may occasionally update some of the big guides as new figures come out but I won’t be updating news or reviews articles like I have throughout the site’s history.  I hope that people will find the content on the site useful for years to come and I remain immensely proud of the content you see here.  Thank you for being part of it and I hope that you continue to enjoy Nintendo figures in the coming years as they are fun to collect and show off!

If you like my writing or have any interest in the subject, I have started a new site called Daily Trading Cards that highlights many different kind of trading cards and hopefully inspires people to collect them!  I’d love to see you and interact with you there.  I may even try to cover some Nintendo cards on the site one day soon as well!



  1. Nooooo!!! I’m going to miss this so much! I guess if it’s what you need to do, go ahead. Just know that I’ve appreciated this website from the first time I saw it.

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    • I really appreciate your comment, Jon! Over the last couple of months, I’ve realized that my heart isn’t into the work needed to keep the site going and that is also part of why I am stepping away. I’m so glad you have enjoyed the site and I may occasionally drop by and update some content or write the odd article. I just don’t expect to update the site each week any longer.


  2. I’ve always been consistently impressed by the quality and quantity of your output here. I’m not heavy into figure collecting, but I do enjoy buying characters that are meaningful to me on occasion. (I’m actually really pumped for Ridley later this year.) I really enjoyed reading about new figures from the perspective of someone who was really knowledge about the topic. It will be missed, but I understand how life changes can really derail writing and hobbies.

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    • Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words and support over the years! I will miss working on this site as well so it is hard to say goodbye to it. One thing I appreciate about your site is that you seem to emphasize quality over quantity which I think is the most important thing. Thank you for following my new site and I look forward to seeing future updates on your site as well!

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  3. Aww! I’m going to miss your blog posts- they were always fun and informative to read! I understand that sometimes things just need to go in a different direction, so best of luck to you! I’m going to check out your new site! 🙂

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    • Thank you and that was definitely the case here. It was hard to make the decision to change directions because I’m proud of the work here and I know many people have relied on it but I realized my heart wasn’t into it as much as it needed to be anymore and it was time for a break. Thank you for taking a look at my new site 🙂

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      • And that’s what’s important here- if your heart isn’t into it, there’s no point in forcing yourself to do it. It’s great to switch gears and try something new, as long as you are having fun with it! 🙂

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