Diddy Kong World of Nintendo 2.5″ Inch Figure Review

One character that I tend to under appreciate is Diddy Kong.  He has been a staple in Nintendo games for a long time and while he doesn’t have a really strong personality, his determination and bravery despite his small size are something that is hard not to like.  Of course, Diddy is a strong character in Smash Brothers as well.  Despite this, I think underrating Diddy extends to Nintendo figures.  Diddy’s Amiibo was supposed to be rare when it came out, but quickly became one of the more common ones in the wave.  It is a nice figure, but I think both myself and many Nintendo fans have kind of forgot about it once they built up their Amiibo collections.  With a Diddy Kong figure also available in World of Nintendo, perhaps this will finally be the time Diddy Kong makes more of a name for himself.  Let’s take a closer look at the figure to find out.


Articulation – Diddy Kong’s articulation is a lot like Dixie Kong’s in that his arms move up and down, but are meant to be in one position and that is how he comes in the box.  Diddy Kong’s left arm can move but the figure is designed so that it will rest on the ground and help support his weight.  His right arm is scratching his head which is something he does quite often in the Donkey Kong Country games and is a pretty cool pose for him.  It is disappointing that this is basically the only pose you get with this figure unless you want his arm to be hanging out in the air like in the picture below and Diddy Kong certainly has some of the lowest/worst articulation of the World of Nintendo figures I’ve reviewed.



Paint – Since Diddy Kong is an older World of Nintendo figure, his paint is not perfectly applied.  The most noticeable example of this is his eyes which have a few darker spots that show up a little in the pictures I took.  Surprisingly, this is really the only issue I noticed with Diddy Kong and that makes him higher quality than most early World of Nintendo figures.  On the plus side, the Nintendo logo on his baseball cap looks awesome and the stars on his shirt are also well done.  These details can also be seen on the Amiibo, but since this figure is a cheaper price, it is nice to see Jakks Pacific match what Nintendo offers.



Display Options – If you keep up with the site, you know I’ve slowly been reviewing other Donkey Kong Country figures and there is a reason for that.  I am slowly but surely building a Donkey Kong Country display for one of my shelves.  The three figures look nice together and have pretty good scale too.  There is one more figure yet to be added and I may look for a prop or two for the display, but if you’re a fan of Donkey Kong Country, these figures are one of the best chances you have of displaying your favorite characters.  It would be awesome if we could get some enemies or animal buddies like Rambi the Rhino, but if not, it is still great to have the four most famous Kongs.


Closing Thoughts – This Diddy Kong figure is not going to make those who are not Donkey Kong fans already love the character.  The limited articulation is a bit disappointing even if his pose is great and very different from the Amiibo.  The World of Nintendo Diddy Kong was released quite a long time ago and is actually still fairly easy and cheap to get which is another sign of how underrated he is.  I like the figure and while I don’t give it a high recommendation, I’m satisfied with my purchase and I think other Nintendo fans will like this figure, especially if you don’t already have the Amiibo.

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