New (and Final!) Web Address

The last week or two, I’ve known that the site was coming close to a pretty cool milestone and I had no idea how to celebrate it.  Luckily for me, an opportunity has come along that I have been wanting and fearing would never happen.  So for NintendoFigures’ 100th post, I have some excellent news to share with you.

Mario Nendoroid Running will now be known as!  I was finally able to secure the domain (and for the fair price that I wanted) and when you want to visit the site, please use the new address.  Since the majority of the images on the site already say, this fixes a problem that was created by the .net address.  I won’t change more recent pictures that have the .net address over to .com because I want to focus on bringing you tons of awesome new content this summer.  I hope you find the new address easy to remember and use and expect to see some new branding on the site in the coming weeks and months too.  Here’s to 100 posts/articles and to the next 100 posts/articles!  I can’t wait to bring you lots more awesome figure reviews, news, and guides!



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