Tons of Rare Amiibo Up For Preorder on

If you’ve been looking for Amiibo that have long been out of stock or rare for quite some time, then you’re in luck!  There is a massive restock coming to Best Buy on Oct. 14 and preorders are up online right now.  Here is what is available currently:

Gold Mario



Dark Pit


Mega Man



It looks like these restocks will be Best Buy exclusives which is pretty surprising.  It is also strange that Nintendo has been silent on a large restock that is coming up so soon.  Re-releasing these figures could possibly draw back some Amiibo collectors who got frustrated they could not finish their collection but not if they are not aware of the restock.

For me, this is bittersweet news, I have all of these Amiibo except for Pit, who I will buy, and I have enjoyed the fact that at least some Amiibo are rare and feel special to own.  I know I have made the case on this site that rarity in Amiibo is actually a good thing but this news leads me to believe that there will not be any rare Amiibo for the foreseeable future.  What makes me happy is that anyone you has wanted these figures now has a chance to get them which is great news.

Are there any of these Amiibo that you’re excited to get?  How do you feel about Amiibo rarity currently?  Let us know in the comments below!




  1. I’ll never forget the shameless little victory dance I did after I secured my original Gold Mario preorder online, before they instantly sold out. Or the awesome people I met in line while being the first person to preorder Lucina and Robin at my local game store. It doesn’t feel any less special to me now that they are releasing more. I’m happy more people will get to finish their collections, without having to feed the evil scalper market. I have a feeling Nintendo is cashing in on the holiday shopping spree by restocking now.

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    • That is a great point. I camped out for a lot of the early Amiibo and met some cool people and nothing can take that away. I miss the excitement of those days with Amiibo but I do think that it is not a bad thing that everyone can get the figures they want. I had honestly given up on getting Pit because I didn’t want to pay the scalper price and I have never seen him in-store anywhere so to get him now will be pretty cool. Thank you for sharing your perspective and I think I feel better about these restocks than before 🙂

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  2. I can’t believe Gold Mario is coming back! I had to get the Japanese version since it was commonplace among its release overseas. If I didn’t already have Gold Mario, that’s what I’d be going for first!

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    • I had heard the rumor a few days ago and didn’t want to believe it because it has been so long since Gold Mario came out. A lot of people believed (including myself) that Gold Mario was a limited edition or would never be remade but it is finally happening. Gold Mario somehow never got as expensive as I thought he should be and now that will be a non-issue for anyone who wants him.

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