World of Nintendo Wave 8 Figures Unveiled!

With San Diego Comic Con going on right now, it is no surprise that Jakks Pacific has announced new figures.  It is hard to find good pictures of everything right now, so I will show what I can in this article and provide links to better images where necessary.  Jakks Pacific has their conferences in a dark room and the images on the screen during the presentation are difficult to take pictures of.  Full credit goes to Youtuber Pituvision who shared the news with everyone who is not at Comic Con.

The first piece of news is that Wave 8 for the 4″ Inch figure line is coming and it looks we will get the following figures: Peppy, Villager, Green Paratroopa, Star-Power Mario, and Goron Tunic Link.  For many Nintendo fans, Peppy will be the highlight of this wave since he does not have any figures.  The Star-Power Mario also looks intriguing and as I discussed in the Rare and Expensive World of Nintendo Figures Guide, Star-Power Mario is a very rare and hard to get figure so I look forward to that in a larger scale.  What is less exciting is that two of the figures are repaints (Paratroopa and Goron Tunic Link).  I will probably pass on both of them as a result.

Image courtesy of:

Jakks Pacific also announced a “Trophy” Figure Series which takes Bronze Link which was announced quite a while ago and have turned it and Mario into a new line.  These are going to be Limited Edition and a WalMart Exclusive.  It is clear that Jakks is trying to appeal to collectors with these figures though I don’t know how exciting Nintendo fans will find these considering there is not a bronze Mario or Link in any of the video games.  I like the Bronze Link better than the Mario but I’m not sure if I’ll brave WalMart to get it.

Trophy Link Close-Up

Trophy Mario Close-Up

Finally, another new figure line has been announced.  The “Prototype” figures feature existing characters/figures done in black and white paint.  The only two announced releases so far will be Fox McCloud and Skull Kid.  Of the two, Skull Kid looks best in black white, though nothing about this new line excites me.  They will be Target Exclusives and again, I think Jakks Pacifc is targeting collectors because it is hard to imagine a kid wanting a black and white version of their favorite character.


For close-ups of these figures check out Pituvision’s Twitter:

Skull Kid Close-Up

Fox McCloud Close-Up


Overall, new figures are always welcome and Jakks Pacific has brought some fresh ideas to World of Nintendo.  There are a lot of repaints and a lot of Limited Edition figures that I don’t know if collectors will really want but if that is what it takes to keep World of Nintendo figures going then we can’t complain too much.  I hope that Jakks will innovate more in the future or consider giving us some more obscure characters from our favorite Nintendo games but it is nice to know what we can expect in the coming months at the same time.  What do you think about the latest news?  Which figures for you are a must buy or will you be passing on?



    • You’re very welcome and I like the Bronze figures too. I would like to buy the Link but if they’re hard to get, I doubt I will stalk WalMart to try and find one. As far as the black and white figures go, I don’t see the appeal of them especially with the characters they chose. Jakks has made an 8-Bit Mario figure (not unlike the Retro Mario Amiibo) but other than that, I really am puzzled by the idea. I can’t see the Prototype Series being very popular all on its own. They have to be rare to make collectors want them which is what they’re trying to do it sounds like. I wouldn’t be surprised if these end up being the only Prototype figures that get made.

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  1. Prototype may go over with collectors. But the demand for this character and that character originated from ssb. I don’t knock them for appealing to collectors but they’re missing an exorbitant payoff by not making a direct appeal to kids (after all, many have unfettered want and don’t fully understand the concept of money). I, personally, shudder to think of how much of my own money I have spent on these characters, all due to the coaxing of a ten year old. He has little interst in repaints. He’s absolutely no interest in a black and white version of something… he might want it if that were the only version available. That’s where I see this going.

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    • Hi Amber,

      These are all great points! I do think that World of Nintendo sells a lot of figures to kids (it seems like they generally try to make the figures sturdy to stand up to kids playing with them) and it is really interesting to hear how your son perceives them. Truthfully, a lot of adult collectors aren’t going to be bothered with the black and white figures either. It is an interesting idea but it doesn’t appeal to any part of being a Nintendo fan or their video games (or at least not that I can think of anyway) and that is the best way to sell to adult Nintendo fans. Thank you for sharing your opinion and for visiting the site!


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