World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figures Wave 9 Revealed

Jakks Pacific is steadily cranking out the World of Nintendo figures and Entertainment Earth (a big seller of figures, statues, and pop culture items) have revealed the next wave!  Special thanks goes to for spotting this new release information.  Here is a picture of the new figures.

world of nintendo wave 9 figures
Image courtesy of

Like the last couple of releases, there are things to be excited about here and things that are a little less so.  First off, there are a lot of repaints here.  We’ve already had a lot of Yoshi repaints and now we’re getting another one though the light blue looks good.  Wind Waker Link is not a great World of Nintendo figure and this one may not win over skeptics or people who already have a figure of this character.  Mario does look nice and the open hands are a welcome change.  Re-releasing Mario is never a bad thing since new collectors will always want staple characters like him.  The Samus is another repaint though I have to admit, I don’t recognize that suit.  The most exciting and best looking figure is the Inkling from Splatoon.  He looks pretty darn good in the picture and Splatoon figures with different weapons and outfits should be popular with collectors.  Jakks Pacific would be wise to milk Splatoon in the coming waves.

Jakks Pacific is leaning very heavily only repaints in the last couple of waves and this one is possibly taking it even further.  Hopefully that means they will be making a lot of new figures in the future waves and is not a sign that they’re running out of ideas or slowing down their investment in World of Nintendo.  What do you think about these new figures?  Any of them catch your eye?  Why or why not?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t recognize it. If Jakks Pacific just made up this color scheme, that is disappointing and not likely to fly with collectors. The Inkling really does look great and I’ll be curious to see what it looks like in stores. Thank you so much for reading all of the articles and leaving comments. You really are too kind and it is pleasure to have you as a regular reader of the site!

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      • Freddy,

        Thank you for ID’ing the suit! It has been a while since I played Metroid Prime though I do remember the Phazon suit after looking at the artwork from the game. Thank you for visiting the site and for helping those of us who were stumped by it!


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