World of Nintendo News from Comic-Con

I just got internet at my new home in Chicago and came back to a large amount of information from Jakks Pacific on World of Nintendo.  It is exciting to see that there is still life in this line!  With that said, it will be interesting to see fan reaction to this news too.  Since there are so many releases, I’m going to show you pictures that were revealed and then discuss the details of the releases afterwards.  As always, special thanks goes to the World of Nintendo Reddit for sharing this news with us!

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figures Wave 13 Preview Jakks Pacific Mario

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figures Wave 14 Preview

World of Nintendo Walgreens Exclusive 2.5 Preview

World of Nintendo GameStop Exclusive 2.5 Preview

World of Nintendo Walgreens Exclusive Jumpman and Donkey Kong 2.5 Preview

World of Nintendo Super Mario Jakks Pacific Wind Up Preview

Should World of Nintendo rebrand itself to World of Mario?  The images above and the recent release seem to indicate that the figure line is becoming almost exclusively Mario releases.  Personally, I enjoy Mario figures the most but I think diversity in releases is better than only Mario figures being made.  Many of the non-Mario figures in World of Nintendo like Pikmin and Star Fox have been popular and sought after.  So going this heavy into Mario releases is surprising and a bit disappointing to me.

Part of the reason for the disappointment is the number of repaints or figures using previous designs.  In the 4″ inch line there are basically two figures with new sculpting.  Mario with Cappy and the Piranha Plant.  The others have a new accessory or hand (like Luigi) or the figure is a simple repaint.  2 out of 10 figures is not a great ratio in my opinion and it does not give experienced collectors a lot to be excited about.  We don’t necessarily want another Luigi or a slightly different version of a Para Troopa  The 2.5″ figures are similar in that they’re heavily leaning into repaints.  A couple of the figures are new sculpts but again, not enough that is exciting or different from what has been released before.  This is the big drawback to just doing Mario characters too.  When characters are reused too much, it sucks the energy out of the figure line.

I hate to admit it but these new announcements don’t fill me with optimism for the near future anyway.  The figures seem a little lacking creativity wise and it seems like Jakks Pacific is leaning too heavily into a formula that is going to cause collectors to get burnt out.  I do think many of these figures will appeal to newer or lapsed collectors, especially the retailer exclusive sets like the Donkey Kong set which was a great idea.  I give Jakks credit for that and I hope that enough new people buy the Luigis and Marios that will be hitting store shelves so that new figures can be designed and created in the future too.

Those are just my thoughts on this huge batch of news though.  What do you think of the new figures?  Which ones are you eagerly anticipating/plan on buying?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Cappy Mario, Propeller Hat Mario, Fire Brother and Dry Bones are my own personal must-haves from this list. I’m sure I could think up some interesting customs for the others?

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    • The two Mario figures and Dry Bones are my favorites too. I think all three of those look like fun figures. I’ll be curious to see what the fire ball looks like on the Hammer Bro. If it is good, I’m sure I’ll pick that one up too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and if you do make any customs and would like to share your work, send me an email and I can write an article about your work on the site 🙂


  2. I personally think that they should stop the rereleases and focus on new ones. Also, here’s a list of 4” I’ve been hoping for (I expect to be wave 15): Ice Luigi, Daisy, Toon Zelda, Pokey, and Propellor Yellow Toad. 2.5” hopes: Luigi’s Balloon World Luigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Gold Chain Chomp, Link (not toon), Kirby, Pikachu, Charizard. These are most likely not going to happen, but one can hope.

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    • I agree that there are too many rereleases coming up. I have a feeling that Jakks is being conservative with WoN because Toys R Us is gone and they aren’t sure how these figures will sell and how they can make the most money from them.

      I really like your list! Pokey, Propellor Toad, and Kirby would be must buys for me. I would love if Jakks made some Pokemon figures too. I’m fairly sure another toy manufacturer has the Pokemon license but Pokemon figures would really improve WoN and give it some much needed diversity too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Unfortunately not. Release dates are almost never provided with World of Nintendo and it shows up at different retailers at different times. I will update the site when new figures are spotted at retailers.


  3. I’ve got Mario Odyssey and Dry Bones pre-ordered through Gamestop… none of the other new ones seem to be in their system. And the arrival date seems to be anywhere between September and November 2018… so we’ll see!

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    • That’s awesome, Michael! It sounds like trying to pre-order at Game Stop may be the best way to get these new figures. Thanks for sharing this info with everyone!


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